Parliament began their drug policy review on October 8, but they seem towant to keep it a secret.

Unannounced, without media attention, without real public input, theStanding Committee on Health is doing a review of Canada’s Drug Policies.

I have spoken with Committee Clerk Paul Rodrigue, whom I recommend allreaders of this list also call at (613) 992-1775. You can also call (613)992-3150 and ask them to have Paul Rodrigue call you back, if you don’twant to pay long distance.

Ask Paul Rodrigue to send you trancgi from the Committee Hearings, andalso find out when the Committee will be coming to your region.

The Committee will be travelling around Canada to receive public input, andis tentatively scheduled to go to Frederickton, Moncton and Quebec Cityduring the week of November 18. If you live in any of these regions then beextra sure to call Pierre Rodrigue and find out exactly when the committeewill be coming to your area.

Be sure to attend the committee hearings in your region, and let theanti-prohibitionist view be known.

Right now, some of the trancgi from the Committee Hearings areavailable on Canada’s Parliamentary website, at:

I provided you with a list of the Members of the Committee and otherinformation about the Drug Policy Review in post CC#48.

I will post more information upon the progress of the review when moreinformation is available to me. If any of you finds out anything more aboutthis review than I have posted here, please let me know.

Dana Larsen [email protected]
Editor, Cannabis Canada, “Canada’s National Magazine of Marijuana & Hemp”
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