Two Stores Raided

2 Stores Raided Within 24 Hours of New Drug Law

On May 14, The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act was put into force bythe Ministry of Health. Within 24 hours two Canadian hemp stores were raided by police. No charges were laid, but police cleaned out both stores.


On May 14, Newfoundland’s first hempstore got its first taste of police harassment. Six cops raided Hempware, and stole all their pipes, bongs,rollies and tokestones. “I had only been open six weeks.” Said store owner Nycky Temple.

The police didn’t find any pot, nor did they press any charges. It looks like they thought they would have a better chance of keeping the loot ifthey didn’t have to explain why.

Nycky Temple can be reached at (709) 738-4367


The next day, on the morning of May 15, a plainclothes cop came into Saskatoon’s Vinyl Exchange, bought a copy of Cannabis Canada, and then came backshortly afterwards with seven other plain clothes cops. The authorities stole all their pipes, bongs, rollies, scales, their entire stock of booksand magazines (including Cannabis Canada) – even their hempseed treats.

Owner Mike says he’s been open for two years and only once has he had any run-ins with the police. “About a year ago, Ernie the beat cop came by,threatening and waving 462.2 around… and then nothing until this. They cleaned us out.” of all 4000 dollars worth of their hemp supplies, saidMike.

The police found no marijuana, and have yet to press charges as of May 16.

There’s a rally in Saskatoon on June 21. Contact Erin Berger, tel (306) 477-7186 for more info.

Mike can be contacted at (306) 244-7090.