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Historic event for Hemp Freedom in Hawaii

Historic event for Hemp Freedom in Hawaii, JUNE 3, 1997! The HawaiiCounty Council Finance Committee voted to DEFER acceptance of Federalfunding, Res. 94, “Resolution authorizing the County of Hawaii to ENTERINTO AN AGREEMENT WITH THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for a STATEWIDEMarijuana Eradication Grant…” for the first time in nearly 20 years!

This crucial turning point of political conscience came afterimpassioned testimony by some 3 dozen Pro-Marijuana and Anti-Prohibitionactivists. The County’s own charter mandates a PROGRAM REVIEW every fouryears, which has been mysteriously “POSTPONED” three times already. It isquite possible that if the DEA is forced into a comprehensive ProgramReview of their Search and Seizure tactics, the Marijuana EradicationProgram will die a public and much-heralded death.This Inquisition againstthe Cannabis flower is taking place on the Big Island of Hawaii amongwidespread POLICE CORRUPTION, which, if fully exposed, may have explosiveinternational implications. Mention was also made of “secret” clauseswithin the County’s contract with the DEA, yet to be disclosed.

The Finance session will reconvene June 16, the day after the FirstAnnual INTERNATIONAL ANTI-PROHIBITION DAY, with a Rally and experttestimony planned by the “Great Hawaiian Hemp Uprising”, the AdHempCommittee of local activists. Stay tuned for further developments. InSpirit, Hawaii is the Heart of Aloha. Help heal our hearts by helping usFREE THE HERB in Hawaii. After California, Hawaii is ripe for AWAKENING.This Paradise Kingdom is the righteous place to face off with “UncleScam”, the DEA warchoppers, and the DEMONIZING Crusade against Natureknown as “Marijuana Prohibition”.

Stay tuned for new information coming your way, including contacts forinvestigation, action updates, and HAWAIIAN ALOHA. Send RSVP email tobe in “Broadcast Seedbank” / [email protected]

As we’re saying to the World “ACT NOW OR SURRENDER YOUR RIGHTS!”

AdHemp Spokesman/Media Contact: Roger Christie (808) 961-0488

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