Hempfest 1997

Labour Day in Edmonton

Another smoke-filled afternoon with a bunch of people yelling intomicrophones, followed by some raunchy thrash metal garage bands.
Not. That’s been done!

Hempfest hit Edmonton last year with an unprecedented band, showing Edmontonwhat the cannabis community is all about. Bands, speakers on the criminalsystem and industrial hemp, a fashion show, contests and booths entertainedand informed at the day long event. An estimated 500 people showed up onthe windy Labour Day Holiday to dance, play hack, listen, learn, and havefun.

“By encompassing all areas of the cannabis culture, we get to do somethingthat is important to every community, to celebrate and learn. As we becomestronger, and recognized, we can have more force for change.” says organizerAmanda Stewart. “Last year was the first Hempfest, this year is bigger andbetter.”

This year, the group plans again to hold the event at Alberta’sLegislature Grounds, and is combining last year’s favorites with someinnovative ideas. The fashion show, contests, bands and vendors will beauygmented by visits from come of Canada’s foremost cannabis activists, aninformation booth, the first known stage version of the scare flick “ReeferMadness” and an auction.

Confirmed Speakers to the day’s event include Eugene Oscapella, LLB, theOttawa barrister with the Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy; GrantKrieger, the gutsy MS patient from Regina who has found his life backthrough the use of cannabis and diet changes; Marc Emery, Canada’s formostcannabis capitalist, and owner of HempBC in Vancouver; and Ian Hunter, themayoral candidate, and driving force behind the BC Anti-Prohibtion Leaguefrom Victoria, BC.

Add in to this mix about 10 times the volunteers that helped out last year,and you’ll become convinced, as we are, that barring an act of God orGovernment, there will be over 1000 happy hempsters and interested folkattending this year!

Further Information about the day can be found by contacting the society at(403)910-9388, or it’s active supporter store, True North Hemp Company, at(403)437-4367.

The Cannabis Relegalization Society of Alberta is a registered, not forprofit society. Its other activities include the Arbor Day Plant-in atEmily Murphy Park in Edmonton on April 24, Voter guidelines, the MedicalCannabis Research Library, prisoner advocacy, research, and counselling.

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