Pot Bar Arthrology Busted


-Machine Guns vs Marijuana-

On Wednesday June 11 at about 8pm the Vancouver Pot Club “Arthrology” wasbusted by Vancouver Police.

A club member explained how the police wielded 9mm machine guns, pointingthem at club members heads as they shouted obscenities and threw people tothe ground.

About 26 people were in the club, yet no arrests were made, and apparentlyno-one was charged.

No minors were on the premises. No illegal substances were found other thanmarijuana.

-Reasons for Moving In-

When the Harm Reduction Club was busted, police spokesperson Anne Drennantold the media that the reasons they chose to move in were that: the clubwas in a residential neighbourhood, they sold to minors, and theyadvertised publicly.

None of these factors applied to Arthrology. Arthrology was not in aresidential area, was scrupulous about not selling to minors, and did notadvertise.

It’s also worth noting that in 1992 Daniel Posse was shot to death by gunwielding Vancouver Police during a marijuana raid on a home.

-For More Information-

For more information or to talk to a club member who was there during theraid, call Dana Larsen at (604) 669-9069.


Sunday June 15 is International Anti-Prohibition Day. There will be arallies and events in Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Victoria andVancouver, as well as other cities.

In Vancouver the rally will be held at Grandview Park, beginning at 2pm.

For more information on the Vancouver Rally, call David Malmo-Levine at(604) 669-9069, extension 17.

For more information on the Victoria rally call Ian Hunter at (250) 384-0659

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