Craig X of Temple 420 Convicted – Sentencing Friday, August 17

Craig and his wife beside the Temple 420 doorCraig and his wife beside the Temple 420 doorOn Friday, August 3, Craig X Rubin was convicted of possessing marijuana with intent to sell and aiding and abetting the sale of marijuana at The Temple 420, the beloved centerpiece of Craig X’s serious religious life. The maximum sentence is 7 years. The Prosecuting Attorney is seeking 4 years and 10 months. On Friday morning of August 17, Craig X will plead for his life in front of Judge Mary J. Stroebel in Los Angeles Superior Court at 210 West Temple, Dept. 131, on the 15th Floor.
Read his Temple 420 article from Cannabis Culture Magazine #62, and watch an 8-minute introduction to Craig X on YouTube.

A life-long Republican with 7 children and a wife, Craig X has the religious fervor of a zealot. Craig invested $180,000 into his TEMPLE 420, his religious sanctuary at La Brea & Hollywood Boulevard, and opened it on July 29, 2006. He was busted on Friday, November 8 at 4.20 p.m., not a coincidence, Craig believes. “They picked that time just to rub it in.”

In his book, 9021Grow, Craig X Rubin recounts becoming a Messianic Jew, a follower of Jesus, and adopting the name Craig X. He legally sold cannabis at the 1996 Super Bowl in Arizona, consulted on the hit Showtime show Weeds and even steals a scene in the Emmy award-winning episode of the first season, “The Good Shit Lollipop”, appearing as himself, Compassion Club owner Craig X.

In the second season, out this August on DVD, Craig X appears in episode 2, “Cooking With Jesus”, touring the local Tokers Bowl-type marijuana-sampling contest called “The Mohasky Cup”. A Cannabis Culture Magazine display briefly appears in the same scene as Craig X. In articles for Cannabis Culture Magazine, Craig X outlined his religious and philosophical values, informed by his close rapport with the Havasupai Indians of the Arizona desert, a tribe at the base of the grand Canyon that revere Bob Marley as a prophet, and his serious Biblical study.

I talked to Craig X Saturday, August 4 and asked what he felt about what was happening. He is nervous about the fate of his family if he is sentenced to a lengthy time in jail. Still, Craig X is unrepentant.

“I don’t regret standing up for religious use and religious freedom, and we never hurt anyone. All our transactions were transparent and accurate notes and records were kept. I lived modestly. The temple was a beautiful place. It was a short-lived dream but we did it. I am going to argue at my sentencing that the Judge not send me to jail, that I am not now, nor ever have been a threat. Maybe I won?t get jail. The prosecutor is seeking 4 years and 10 months, and that’s a severe punishment disproportionate to the so-called offence. I am a true believer, so I will take what come however.”

Craig has seven children, seen here at Havasupai FallsCraig has seven children, seen here at Havasupai FallsTo contact Craig X Rubin while he is still outside of prison walls, email [email protected]. He will need support of all kinds from as many cannabis lovers as possible. Please think of his wife and seven children, and how they will struggle to survive – and be traumatized – after his imprisonment (if it should come to that). Organize a protest near the court house to show your support for the cannabis activist and religious rights defender Craig X!

Immediately after being convicted on Friday, August 3, Craig X appeared on the Glenn Beck show on Headline News. Here is a corrected transcript of that interview.

GLENN BECK: First up, let’s turn to somebody who feels that marijuana is part of their religious observance that he happens to practice. He’s not going to help my case at all, Craig X Rubin, founder of L.A.’s Temple 420. Craig, a religious — a religious ceremony? Come on.

CRAIG X RUBIN, FOUNDER, L.A.’S TEMPLE 420: Yes. Well, I?ve been using marijuana in religion for over 20 years with the Native Americans in Havasupai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. And we just started using that after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was confirmed or affirmed in a Supreme Court decision…

BECK: Oh, boy.

X RUBIN: … in 2006 with a church in New Mexico that’s using a DMT, dimethyltryptamine, as a religious drug.

BECK: Let me — let me ask you this. You were just sentenced about an hour ago to seven years in jail?

X RUBIN: I was convicted about one hour ago, to up to seven years in jail, and I was unable to use the federal defense of religious freedom in my case.

BECK: Right. So, isn’t this a case that — that pot has impaired your judgment, that you would be sentenced to seven years and then you stop by to be on my show?

X RUBIN: Well, actually, I guess they let me go to come be on your show. I’m a big fan of yours. And I, as a conservative Republican, believe marijuana should be legalized and taxed, since it is a $14 billion industry. But on TV I play the owner of the medical marijuana club on the show “Weeds”, and I’ve seen these medical marijuana clubs. I’ve supported medical marijuana, voted for and it believe that…

BECK: That’s really not what you’re talking about. I mean, let’s — I mean, let’s be honest. You started a church, the Temple of 420.

X RUBIN: It’s not the Temple of 420. It’s called Temple 420.

BECK: Oh, I’m sorry.

X RUBIN: And we just teach the Bible. It’s a Judeo-Christian organization.

BECK: You smoke pot?

X RUBIN: We don’t smoke pot in church. What we do is similar to the Native Americans. We burn a bud and bless people with the smoke, believing that the smoke carries our prayers to heaven. And…

BECK: You have to be high if you actually believe that.

X RUBIN: Well, do you know — are you familiar with Genesis?

BECK: Am I familiar with Genesis? Yes, I’m familiar with a lot of things in the Old Testament that we just don’t do anymore.

X RUBIN: Well, correct. But also in the book of Revelation, Revelation 22, God says there will be a plant that will be harvested 12 months a year like cannabis, that will have at least 12 uses like hemp. You were discussing about clothing, gasoline and getting us out of the war in the Middle East. And it would be for the healing in all nations. Not only does it help heal people but also this is something that can really help heal the environment, as well, because cotton is the No. 1 polluter in our environment. More pesticides and herbicides are used growing cotton where hemp clothing is not only stronger than cotton fiber; you don’t need the pesticides and herbicides to grow it.

BECK: Did I just hear right, America, that he said peace through hemp? I think I did.

X RUBIN: Yes. We can make gasoline and get out of the Middle East by growing marijuana. Willie Nelson has a gas station called Willie Gas, where he makes hemp gas and sells hemp gasoline.

BECK: Well, if we got Willie Nelson on board, I’m in. Craig, I appreciate it. Thank you very much. And good luck.

X RUBIN: I’m a good — my dad and I are big fans of yours, Mr. Beck.

BECK: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.