The First Arab-Israeli Joint Conference on Peace and Drugs Policy

Marc Emery and Cannabis Culture Magazine are proud to sponsor this Peace Conference taking place today, Wednesday October 25th, in Jerusalem. Cannabis is a common denominator between diverse cultures and nations. Israel’s residents are the prime example of people in conflict, and Jerusalem is at the core of the problem, and possibly also the solution. The conference will bring together Arabs and Jews alike to delve into the various issues related to the legalization of marijuana and industrial hemp.

The First Arab-Israeli Joint Conference On Peace and Drugs Policy

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 11:00 am

Beit Maiersdorf, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

11:00 Reception and Beverages

11:30 Ziv Dubinski: Opening Words by the Host

11:40 Lola Vilenkin: Introduction

11:55 Boaz Wachtel: Regional Implications of Cannabis Legalization (Head of “Ale Yarok”, the ‘Green Leaf’ Party in Israel)

12:25 Dr. Rick Dublin: The Strugle for Medical Marijuana in the US

12:55 Yana Knopoba: War on Drugs – Stabilizer of Western Societies

13:25 Maha Abu Nigmah: Drug Use among the Arab Society

13:40 Lunch break

14:10 Primo Levy: Rock Performance

14:30 Ohad Shem-Tov: War on drugs – International Comparison

15:00 Zohir Taha: GLP’s Peace Plan

15:30 Avraham Bardugo: Why do Politicians Ignore the Truth?

16:00 Dr. Rachel Bar Hamburger: ADA Perspective on Marijuana – Medical Use and Harm Reduction

16:30 Prof. Lester Grinspoon: Contemporary applications of medical marijuana (Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry)

17:00 Camille Silbaq: Cannabis in the press

17:30 Chen Eytan: Conclusions

– Read the previous story about the conference for background information.

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