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The newlyweds with Jane Klein (left) and Ed Rosenthal (right).The newlyweds with Jane Klein (left) and Ed Rosenthal (right).On November 7th 2006, citizens of the US cannabis culture have an opportunity to reverse the horrendous direction of the US government?s war on the American people and the world. That is the day America votes in the mid-term Elections.
Politics is the art of self-defense. Our people must get involved in politics because each of us has an individual obligation to protect and defend humanity from barbarism. It is up to you to accept that politics is full of duplicity and deceit, and yet you must persevere beyond cynicism to make a change in the political landscape. You must vote on November 7th. Prior to then you must register to vote. The more you invest into the political process, you more you will also pay attention. I want every conscious stoner, tripper, pothead, closet toker, med-pot user, and activist to commit to doing serious work on an election campaign in this November?s elections.

You need to get educated first. In the America Votes section, we took the voting record of every United States Representative in Congress (the House of Representatives) and developed a chart to show how they voted on 10 key bills. The survey and the votes we highlighted are described on pages 78?93. I personally reviewed the record of all 434 incumbent Representatives, and looked at the campaigns and issues of over 800 challenger candidates to come up with our endorsements. The drug peace movement can count on 93 excellent House Representatives to vote against the drug war and civil liberties infringements. However, 265 of the total 434 Reps in fact hate us and vote for laws that punish pot smokers and US citizens, to cause pain for us and those we love. This election campaign that ends on the first Tuesday in November is your opportunity to pay these politicians back for the good or bad they have done to the cannabis culture. The survey in the back of this issue is an invaluable tool, so please use it!

Get involved to defeat one of the 265 Representatives that received a failing grade. Give money, volunteer and tell others on the internet and on your street, in your college, university, and work place, to get out and vote for one of the good guys, the Reps who received a B or better in our survey. For every stoner who dreams of making the world and America a better place there is an opportunity in this campaign. Get experienced. Get politically involved. Make this election the launching pad for your budding activist career, so you can plant your very own seeds of freedom.

Overgrow the Ballot Box!

The newlyweds with Jane Klein (left) and Ed Rosenthal (right).

Marc Emery, Editor

On Sunday, July 23rd, Marc and I were married in the rose garden of Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, surrounded by our loving friends and family (and the Canadian Press, Associated Press, United Press International, CBC, CTV… more media coverage than we could have imagined, especially for a wedding). It was also a significant weekend in that ?the [Supreme Court of Canada] decided that when hearing extradition cases, courts must first examine the evidence to determine if the case could proceed to trial in Canada… This decision changes the old practice, which held that any evidence, no matter how questionable, was grounds for extradition? (CBC news). How this affects Marc, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams is not totally clear, but we continue to be optimistic.

Now is the time to grow, harvest and cure your cannabis to the ultimate perfection? and also the time to campaign, educate, volunteer, and vote in the US midterm elections! It is up to each and every US citizen to oust the political evildoers and help usher in a new era of global cooperation, freedom, and peace. Speak truth to power and make sure you vote!

Drug Peace, Not War!

The newlyweds with Jane Klein (left) and Ed Rosenthal (right).

Jodie Emery, Editor

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