Peace in the Middle East: Cannabis Culture Sponsors Arab-Israeli Summit

We Need Alternatives To WarWe Need Alternatives To WarLeading up to Israel’s last election, Cannabis Culture worked to endorse the Israeli Green Leaf Party, ‘Ale Yarok’. After the campaign ended, Ale Yarok and Cannabis Culture decided to organize a peace summit in the Middle East, with representatives from Arab nations and Israel. The hope is that, with cannabis as a uniting force, both sides can come together and discuss how to establish peace between Arabs and Israelis.
Although Cannabis Culture has pledged a sponsorship to see this summit through, it’s an amount that CC definitely doesn’t have laying around – but we feel this conference too important to not support. As such, donations will be the driving power behind actualizing the event.

Here’s the most recent update from Ale Yarok:

Dear Marc Emery: Ale Yarok has been working very hard to organize the first Israeli-Arab Joint Conference on Drugs Policy and Peace for October 2006. We are currently in the process of choosing the space from two excellent options: Hebrew University or the Society for the Protection of Nature headquarters.

Our speakers’ list is coming together nicely and includes a variety of both Israeli and Arab participants. In regards to your question, we are in communication with an Arab feminist activist, an Arab journalist for the prominent Israel newspaper, Haaretz, as well as an Israeli-Arab parliament member who have all expressed interest in taking part in this exciting project. Finally, we are exploring the possibility of inviting Ethan Nadleman as a guest speaker.

Our progress in organizing this event is in thanks to your very generous promise of $5000. In order to confirm the space, our speakers, as well as inviting guests from abroad, these funds are required. Would it be possible for you to transfer this money to Ale Yarok as soon as possible?

We deeply appreciate this contribution and we will be happy to recognize Cannabis Culture Magazine as our primary sponsor during the event and on all event publications. We want you to know that we are thinking of you in this difficult time, and we hope that your situation will allow you to attend the event.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Ohad Shem-Tov
[email protected]
Telephone: 972-54-4890360
P.O.Box 2901
Jerusalem 91028

Recent events unfolding in Israel, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan make this kind of “Alternatives to War” conference all the more urgent. Please send your support through emails, donations, and sponsorships to anyone involved in this planning.

We here at Cannabis Culture hope to send messages of peace through political and peaceful action. You can contact Marc Emery by phoning (604) 689-0590 if you have ideas or questions about this conference. Go to the Cannabis Culture Forums to read planning and updates.

? Visit Ale Yarok’s website (in English) at to learn more about the party.