One Year on the Campaign Trail in Alabama

Loretta Nall preparing to enter the Alabama StatehouseLoretta Nall preparing to enter the Alabama StatehouseMy campaign for Governor brings attention to overcrowded prisons, poor schools, the War in Iraq, the War on Drugs. The last 8 weeks of the 2006 campaign season are upon us.
To me it does not seem like a year has already passed since I formally announced my intention to run for Governor of Alabama. So many wonderful things have happened and I have met so many new and wonderful people traveling the great state of Alabama. I guess it?s true that time flies when you are having fun. A very big part of me wishes that there were still another year at least before the election.

Despite not attaining ballot access I have not been ignored by the media in this election. The following is a list of articles and news coverage I have received in this election.

Campaign Appearances & Speeches

First Campaign Speech in Wetumpka

Speech to National Conference of Black Mayors in Selma

Candiate Forum at Annual PTA Convention

Speakers Corner Birmingham

Thursday Night Happy Hour in Roanoke

Media Coverage (Video)There has been a great deal more televised media coverage than what is presented below, however, I have not been able to record or otherwise acquire copies of every piece.

TalkBack Live

Nall more excited about campaign than Baxley

For the Record

For the Record 2

For the Record 3

For the Record 4

WAKA Channel 8

MSNBC Coverage

Kim Hendrix Interviews Loretta Nall & Joe Copeland

Hoover Metro Kiwanis Club Recap


Kevin Elkins Show

Don Markwell Show

Lee Davis Show

90.7 New Rock Radio

Nall on 96 ROCK

Free Talk Live

Joe & The Poor Boy

Alan Colmes Show

WRMN Elgin, IL

Freedom Works Radio

WRMJ Wiregrass Radio

Nall Campaign Ads

Nall of KPFT Houston

Loretta Nall & Dick Clark on WAUD Auburn

Loretta Nall on the Bob Kincaid Show

Print Media

Local Hopes Run Will Influence Candidates

Get to Know Your 2006 Candidates

Nall Enters Alabama Governors Race

Marijuana Advocate Joins Race for Governor

Marijuana Party Head Seeks Governors Office

Election Buzz Heating Up

Archive of print media about me

Pot Bust Lights Fire Under State Candidate

Alabama Journalists Discuss my Anatomy

I Discuss Their Unprofessional Tactics

Colorful Candidates to fill 2006 Slate

Nall Still Running?Maintains Innocence

News Conference

Woman to Head Libertarian Ticket

Libertarians make it Official

Candidates Share Ideas on Schools, Taxes, Criminals

Gubernatorial Hopeful Flashes for Cash

Columbia School of Journalism

Boobs, Panties & Courage How Honest Elections Could Change Alabama

Nall #1 on Technorati for 48 Hours Top Ten for Over a Week

Birmingham Free Press

Once in a Lifetime

Nall Opposes Guard Troops on Mexican Border

More or Less

Drug Reformers Take Third Party Path in Bids for State Office

Nall; ?I?m Not Dropping Out

Nall Looks to Ride Colorful Campaign

How I have Influenced the Debate

Weigh Changing Marijuana Law

Community Corrections an Investment in Future

Addicted to Prison

Crowded Prisons

Prison Commissioner Resigns

Tuskegee Sheriff; ?Nall Right on Drug Policy

Prohibition Discussed on For the Record

There has been additional coverage by newspapers, TV and radio that is not available online but this list shows that I have had a major impact and that the media is very interested in my campaign and my ideas for Alabama. I have a number of other major events coming up in the month of October.

Oct. 10, 2006 – Speaking at the Sunrise Roatry Club on Highland Ave in Birmingham

Oct. 12, 2006 – Speaking at Auburn University

Oct. 14, 2006 – Speaking at a Prison Reform Rally in Montgomery

Oct. 24, 2006 – Univeristy of Alabama Birmingham Gubernatorial Debates

Oct. 29, 2006 – Speaking to University of Montevallo Progressive Alliance

Oct. 30, 2006 – Alabama Gubernatorial Debates in Montgomery. I have been completely excluded from participation so I will be setting up my laptop and video camera in the parking lot and answering the questions in Real Time over the internet. Thanks to modern technology it will really be impossible to exclude me completely.

Oct. 31, 2006 – Since I was excluded from participation in the debates the #1 Talk Radio Station in Alabama is giving me two hours on their morning show which reaches all of North and Central Alabama and has a very large audience. They do not like Riley or Baxley and this opportunity could give me a large boost at the polls on Nov. 7.

There will likely be a number of events and engagements in September as well. Many times I get last minute invites. I know that I am being profiled in the Opelika-Auburn News sometime before the election and I am also being profiled in General Surgery News on my stances on healthcare.

I have also found someone willing to make an in-kind contribution in the form of campaign ads which will stream from my website. These will be along the lines of “Celebrity Death Match…South Park” and will hold no punches when it comes to the other candidates in this race. I need your financial help to ensure there is enough bandwidth on the website for these ads as well as to air them on television if finances permit.

I hope that all of you who have made contributions, financial or otherwise, are proud of your candidate and the things that I have been able to accomplish with your support. Please consider making another contribution to this campaign and help me make the most of the remaining opportunities still ahead in this election.

If you would rather mail your contribution you may mail it to:

Loretta Nall for Governor Campaign
4633 Pearson Chapel Rd
Alexander City, AL 35010

I’ll see you on the campaign trail.

Loretta Nall
Vote Nall Y’all…It’s Just Common Sense