Pastor David, Held in Swiss Prison, Goes on Hunger Strike

Pastor David SchlesingerPastor David SchlesingerJuly 23rd, 2006. Dear Marc and CC Team: Here’s David in Swiss detention writing again. I have been told that my letter to you was published on a forum – but naturally, I cannot check this, as I’m spending my 7th weekend in jail.
Almost no investigation seems to have taken place – I was interrogated one time about weird stuff I’m not allowed to talk about. A very simple and easy case is made to look complicated just to be able to keep me imprisoned without trial.

Therefore, from July 26th I’m starting a hungerstrike with total refusal of anything other than plain table-wafers. I’m expecting this to bring me into a hospital within days or few weeks, depending on the weather.

As Minister of Teonanacatl, I believe that it’s time for this demonstration of my will to say no to the methods of Swiss officials who seem to use the same thought-patterns as Afghani Taliban – so I call them Swissliban now.

I feel I need to start the hardest possible hungerstrike to express my opinion in a way that leaves no doubts about my devotion for God, the human rights and our religion.

Thank you for your support!

Teonanacatl Bless you!
Pastor David

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