Cannabis Culture Magazine Banned in New Zealand?

Prohibitionists want to keep the truth out!Prohibitionists want to keep the truth out!Cannabis Culture Magazine sends 350 copies of each issue to New Zealand. It is distributed by Chris Fowlie of the Aotearoa (New Zealand) Hempstore in Auckland, who just informed me that New Zealand Customs has seized all 350 copies of the newest issue #61, and will hold the magazines for up to a month to determine if Cannabis Culture is “advocating criminal activity”.
It is undetermined if the New Zealand government will seize the entire shipment and destroy the magazines. Typically, Cannabis Culture was shipped to New Zealand wrapped in cellophane with a label on it reading “R18: Restricted to adults 18 years and older”. Cannabis Culture conformed to the New Zealand Customs rules.

Magazines about marijuana have not been banned in New Zealand previously. CC is already banned in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

As more information comes in regarding this seizure, we will share them here in the CC online Forums.