Write In Loretta Nall for Governor of Alabama!

Loretta will speak truth to powerLoretta will speak truth to powerNew! Nall radio ad links at end of article! Dear Supporters & Friends: As most of you are aware by now the Libertarian Party of Alabama did not achieve ballot access this year and my name for Governor will not appear on the ballot. I suppose my opposition thought that would be enough to get me out of this race. If so, well they are going to be mighty disappointed.
I knew that with our limited resources that 41,300 signatures (the required number to get on the ballot) would be almost impossible to get. Generally you need twice as many as called for in order to ensure that you have enough valid ones. If you pay people to do this then the going rate for petitioners is $1.50 to $2.00 a signature plus room & board and transportation. A ballpark figure is about $100,000 minimum. That is a great deal of money for a small third party to come up with and even then there is no guarantee that the Secretary of State will validate you to be on the ballot. Anyone who has ever had to petition for anything will tell you that the powers that be will do everything that they can to derail your attempts to participate in the political process.

Knowing all of this was a possibility from the get-go I always had a plan B in place. Plan B will be launched on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 when I go to Montgomery, Alabama to record some radio ads for my campaign. The ads will deal with every plank in my platform and with the ridiculious ballot access laws in the state of Alabama. The text of a few of them follow.

Ballot Access

1. The Riley, Baxley duopolists are betting that government schools have done their job so well that you’ll not be able to write N-A-L-L on your November ballot. Let’s prove ’em wrong… Alabamaians CAN think (and spell) for themselves. Just say NALL to the big tax and spend government candidates – write in Loretta Nall November 7th.

2. Want to send a message to the D&R duopoly? Vote Libertarian. Instead of just staying home on election day or wasting your vote on the same ‘ol politicians that keep giving you the same ‘ol problems – knowing they have no desire to solve the problems they create… write in NALL y’all, it is just common sense and put a little “skeer” on ’em again Nov. 7th by voting Libertarian.

3. In the last Iraqi election there were 75 political parties and 111 candidates. Alabama soldiers have died in Iraq while serving to ensure free and fair elections when we don?t even have free and fair elections in Alabama!! Are you sick of having only two choices from the same old boring political parties to vote for in any given election? Do you find it difficult to tell them apart? The duopoly in Alabama has eliminated all competition by making ballot access impossible unless you have millions of dollars. They dishonor our soldiers who have fought and died to ensure free and fair elections and they dishonor the citizens of Alabama by limiting who can be on the ballot. They think voters are too stupid to make a choice for Governor when there are more than two state sanctioned candidates. On November 7, 2006 tell the Riley/Baxley duopoly that you don?t appreciate them dishonoring dead Alabama soldiers and that you don?t need the state to hold your hand on voting day. Write in Loretta Nall for Governor. It?s Just Common Sense.

Drug War & Prison Crisis

Did you know that Alabama spends a minimum of $95 million a year just to house pot smokers in prison? Did you know that 31% of Alabama?s incarcerated are there for non-violent drug offenses? If you are tired of seeing your tax dollars wasted on imprisoning people for smoking pot then write in Loretta Nall for Governor on the November ballot. Loretta Nall vows to fight for sane drug laws, which will unclog the court system and end the prison-overcrowding crisis that is costing Alabama taxpayers millions. Write in Loretta Nall for Governor on November 7 and just say N-A-L-L to the drug war and prison crisis in Alabama. Vote Nall Y?all?It?s Just Common Sense.

Initiative & Referendum

Are you tired of feeling powerless when it comes to government? Are you tired of begging your elected officials to do the job they were elected to do? Do you believe that you are intelligent enough to make the right decision when it comes crafting to the laws by which you are governed? Would you like more say in the process? Hi, I?m Loretta Nall, Libertarian Party candidate for Governor and I believe Alabama needs Initiative and Referendum. If you answered yes to any of those questions then you probably think we need Initiative and Referendum too. I&R would help to reduce the power of special interests and return the government to the people. If you want your government back then write in Loretta Nall for Governor on November 7. Vote Nall Y?all? It?s Just Common Sense.

The Real Issues

In this election as Governor Riley and Lt. Governor Baxley waste dollars and clutter airwaves trying to out-Jesus and out-anti-gay each other, many Alabama families struggle to buy gasoline and some wonder if their children will come home alive from Iraq. There is another choice for Governor. Hi, I?m Loretta Nall and I believe that Alabamians care far more about important issues facing them than about what consenting adults do in inside the privacy of their own home or who loves Jesus more. The government has absolutely NO BUSINESS in our churches or our bedrooms. Trying to prove who loves Jesus more or who hates gays more will not bring better jobs to Alabama, it will not help us educate our children, it will not put food on our tables, pay our bills, lower the cost of fuel or provide us with anything beneficial. It will simply rile up emotions and distract voters from the real issues facing our state, which neither major party candidate seems willing to address. If you think there are more important issues facing our state and you want a Governor who is not afraid to address them then write in Loretta Nall for Governor on November 7. Vote Nall Y?all?It?s Just Common Sense.

? ? ?

And those ads are just the beginning of how I plan to get around their unfair and unnecessary rules. Other plans include new signs with a large pencil embossed with “Write In Loretta Nall for Governor”. My signs will be larger than the average political roadsign in order to draw the much-needed attention to them.

I am also going to have black felt-tip markers embossed with “Write In Loretta Nall for Governor” and have them sent to all of my Alabama supporters as well as hand them out at as many polls as I can get covered on election day. I am doing this because if they mis-spell my name on the ballot then the vote doesn’t count. And don’t think for a minute that a write-in campaign is doomed to failure in the state of Alabama. Senator Lowell Barron won his Senate seat on a write-in campaign in 1983 and now he is President Pro Tempore. He used embossed pencils with his name so, I know it can be done. And if it is done without ballot access then the victory will be that much sweeter. Nothing sweetens victory like being a huge underdog… and I know my fellow Alabamians love an underdog.

Loretta Nall deserves your vote for Governor of AlabamaLoretta Nall deserves your vote for Governor of AlabamaHere is what I need from you to make this happen. I have $500 left over from ballot access that I plan to use to launch the radio ads. That will keep them running for a week or so depending on the times I choose for them to air. This $500 will only cover the Montgomery, Alabama market and I need these ads airing in every major market in the state. I need to raise an additional $2500 to air these for a week in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Tuscaloosa & Anniston. Please help me reach that goal!

I am also in touch with Doug Schribner at www.thirdwheelgroup.com. Doug created the Steve Kubby/South Park campaign ad which is available on the ThirdWheelGroup website. I am going to have Doug create an ad for me that are a cross between SouthPark and Celebrity Death Match. I need $2000 to get the first one produced for television.

For new signs I have about $300 and that will get me about 200 signs. I am getting a very good deal on those and the more I order the cheaper they will be. That price includes wire stakes. Eventually I would like to have a total of 5000 printed and placed all over the state of Alabama. I have the people to do it just not the signs needed to get it done. If you want to help with the signs you can DO THAT HERE.

I am still waiting on the price for felt tip markers. Since we have optical ballot scanners at our polls a black felt tip marker is all that is used. This particular part of the strategy is not yet urgent and I will get back to all of you with a price as soon as I get one.

I thank all of you for your continued support. Some may think it insane to run in an election where you do not have ballot access. The alternative, however, is to fall silent until the next general election and if we are silent for the next four years then we might as well take our toys and go home for good. I am not willing to do that.

I still have lots of faith in the possible outcome of this election. I know there are many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Alabamians who will vote for me on November 7, 2006. All I have to do is alert them to the fact that they do have another choice in this election.

Also, please remember that the Alabama media wants me in this election if for no other reason than to make it fun and entertaining again. They will cover me as long as I am running. For the record, I have been told that my campaign has attracted more media attention both in-state and nationally than any other Libertarian campaign… even Presidential ones, and my campaign, according to Richard Winger at Ballot Access News, gathered more signatures on a volunteer effort than any other LP campaign ever. So, I know I have the support as long as I remain in the public eye and I think I have proven time and again that I have the remarkable ability to do just that.

My policies and ideas for how to make Alabama better are too vital to allow them to be pushed to the side and forgotten. Even if I don’t actually win the Governors seat I will have influenced the election by making my opponents address my issues. On primary night Lt. Baxley, for the first time in this campaign, picked up the issue of prison reform. Now, since she has no ideas or opinions of her own she did not state how she intends to fix it… just that it needs to be fixed and that Riley has not done it. But, that is a good start.

This race is also good groundwork for the next election. If I don’t win this one then I plan to try and unseat U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers for his district 3 seat in Washington D.C. in 2008.

I am young and my career in politics has only just begun. I don’t think anyone has any serious doubts about my capabilities in the political arena. I am thick skinned, quick witted and sharp as a tack. I can make you laugh and cry and I am much adored by the media both in Alabama and in other places across the US. In less than four years I have gone from an uneducated housewife to a top drug policy and prison reformer, a gubernatorial candidate and a household name in Alabama politics. I did this by sheer will-power and learning to channel my extreme anger into a force to be reckoned with. I have no doubt that my opponents will continue to be the fuel for my anger and I need you to be the fuel for my retaliation machine in the form of ads and signs.

No one will fight for you like I do…. Please see to it that I have what I need to continue to hit back HARD aganist the freedom-hating, government-lovers that inhabit the great state of Alabama.

Your Compatriot in the fight for Liberty,

Loretta Nall

Vote Nall Y’all…It’s Just Common Sense

Here are the ads that will begin airing on Friday, June 23, 2006 in the Montgomery, AL market.

? Drug Policy

? Initiative & Referendum

? Government Schools

? Out Jesus

? Iraqi Democracy