Letter From the Editor

The theme of this issue is radical subversion: spreading influences across borders to subvert evil governments of the world. ?How to Smuggle Pot? is accompanied by articles about Michael Hooks and El Jefe, real-life big time smugglers from the golden era of pot smuggling to the US. These stories, along with a tour of Dr. Atomic?s globally-created garden, will teach the history of how today?s marijuana climate was shaped by border crossing in the 70?s and 80?s. Reggae-Dance Hall artist Sean Paul?s own father was a pot smuggler sentenced to six years in a Florida prison. Paul, who preaches the righteousness of cannabis to the world, did an interview and cover shoot at the LA House of Blues for Cannabis Culture magazine.
This summer, ?A Scanner Darkly? premieres in movie theatres. Novelist Philip K. Dick?s dystopian vision of a global drug war is the theme of this film produced by George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, featuring Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrelson, Robert Downey Jr. and Winona Ryder. Keanu Reeves is a cop tracking a notorious drug dealer by day, but he?s on a drug that creates distinct and unrecognized split personalities in its users ? so at night, he?s actually the drug dealer he?s looking for. Groundbreaking rotoscope technology creates incredible life-like animation from live actors on film. ?A Scanner Darkly? is a fascinating metaphor for the war on drugs today, with non-stop stimulation from the unique style and trippy detail. A two-minute trailer can be seen online at www.pot.tv.

John Lennon, like so many great rock and roll musicians who use their influence for peaceful change, was targeted and harassed by the FBI and President Nixon?s ?dirty tricks? White House. In an exclusive to CC magazine, we reviewed over 120 specific sources and interviewed people who knew Lennon personally to conclude that John Lennon?s death ? like those of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Hunter S. Thompson, and so many others ? was most likely not random misfortune. You?ll never feel the same about your government again after you read this shocking tale about one of the greatest pot activists ever, and how peaceful groups and revolutionaries are targeted and infiltrated for sabotage. Think it doesn?t happen in your America today? This May, it was revealed phone call records and emails of over 200 million Americans have been collected by the government since 9/11 without any court authorization whatsoever.

It seems the FBI, DEA, and possibly the NSA, view all posts and statements made on the cannabisculture.com forums. Two of our forum members commented sometime in January this year that they hoped someone would kill George Bush ? something millions of Americans and people across the globe wish for every day. I received a call in April from Canada?s National Security police at the request of the American FBI, and met with two officers on May 10th to talk about these ?threats? made via our website. Meanwhile, Reverend Pat Robertson urged on national television that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez should be assassinated, and the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) didn?t revoke his broadcaster?s license or even criticize him. Fox broadcaster Bill O?Reilly seriously invited terrorists to attack San Francisco, saying, ?If Al Qaeda comes in here and blows you up, we?re not going to do anything about it. We?re going to say, look, every other place in America is off limits to you, except San Francisco. You want to blow up the Coit Tower? Go ahead.? He has yet to apologize for saying this, and hasn?t been investigated for treason, encouraging terrorism or giving comfort to the ?enemy?. But no ? since 9/11, the enemy has not been Osama Bin Laden, who remarkably remains an enigma at large. The real enemy has been the ordinary people of the western world whose patience with lies and war is wearing thin. The Bush White House patently lied about 9/11, weapons of mass destruction, the reasons for going to war with Iraq, torture, ?extraordinary rendition? (CIA kidnapping), and everything else in between. The Bush presidency is a fraud, both illegal and impeachable.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and new Canadian Conservative government are lackeys of the US police state. Consider that DEA head Karen Tandy hosted their annual worldwide conference in Montreal, Quebec in May, and reported that she and the new Attorney General/ Justice Minister of Canada, Vic Toews, had a ?very productive meeting? that left her ?very pleased?. While that conference was going on, I was also in Montreal to protest the DEA presence in Canada. When the visiting American cops recognized me, they reported me to Montreal police who immediately ordered a copy of my bail conditions from my bail supervisor, informing her that I would be ?arrested immediately? if my court-ordered permission to be in Montreal was not in order. Although I am charged with nothing in Canada, the bizarre bail conditions the DEA requested to be imposed on me require authorization from a judge every time I leave the province of British Columbia. In fact, that very same judge warned me to ?be careful what you say in the federal election? of January 2006 when I endorsed the New Democratic Party. Then an Elections Canada investigator arranged a meeting with me six weeks later for ?illegally participating? in an election (by paying for posters without ?permission? from the government) and advised I could be prosecuted.

Judge?s warnings, DEA spying, US extraditions, Elections Canada investigators, National Security, FBI? all scared about me being at large to do? what, exactly? I?ve only ever advocated peaceful ideas, individual values and rights. American president Thomas Jefferson, writer of the Declaration of Independence, was always my greatest political inspiration and for years I had a majestic painting of him above my fireplace. Jefferson, along with first president George Washington, collected and shared cannabis seeds. I am both a Canadian and American patriot, because my influences are bound up in the culture of both countries ? there is no way to divorce that from who I am. I feel for the US and I feel for Canada.

Now consider the entire might of the Bush and Cheney government police state out there, on the other side of that moral equation. These are days and circumstances whereby Jefferson advised a revolution ought to begin: when the fascist elements of the nation overwhelm the system and make America the b?te noire (dark nightmare) of its founding fathers.

So. Plant The Seeds of Freedom and Overgrow the Government ? founding father Thomas Jefferson would most certainly agree.