FBI and RCMP Investigate Bush Comments in CC Forums

The FBI had the CC Forums investigatedThe FBI had the CC Forums investigatedIn early April, I got a call from a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET). He wanted to sit down with me and talk about “material on Pot-TV” that was of interest to them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t speak about it over the phone. They were supposed to come to the CC offices, but later they wanted to meet off premises, “clandestinely”.

It took about three weeks to arrange a meeting but on Thursday, May 11th at noon I finally met with two officers of INSET. Apparently, the RCMP received a request from the USA’s Federal Bureau of Investigation to look into two posts on the Cannabis Culture forums (not Pot-TV really, but close). Specifically, they were interested in January posts by forum members “nvidia4sure” and “Pulverizer”.

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Re: 9/11 Was Set Up By The US Goverment [Re: davidmalmolevine]
#1197544 – Sat Jan 14 2006 09:47 AM
I just read about the fake attack on the US to invade cubu. I’m a lil slow, lol. but with so much evidence surrounding this, its like people don’t care, life goes on. OMG, bush needs to be shot
u useless fucks, if I write on here that I wanna kill BUSH, you will
come to my house, dealing with internet data, lame, how about you deal with a mass murderer……nope…oh right, he signs your
cheques, I hope u useless fucks die going to work, no-one will miss you, except maybe your cracked out wife thats addicted to
thats not a threat
I need some excitment
come pay me a visit, bitches
….what are u useless goverment pigs going to do???
plant some bombs in my house and blame it on AIR INDIA?
land of the FREE???
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A CC forum member named Bentov wrote this right after nvidea4sure’s post:

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To nvidea4sure’s post: This is very unwise. I’ll tell you why… With this kind of talk, there are no international boundaries. You dont endanger just yourself… you endanger every person within the CC community forums.
These words of shooting the King of Babylon, enable LEO to gain unfettered access to this whole forum, and its members. You know, to investigate what it perceives as a threat against an elected leader (or non elected dictator).
And when I say LEO, I mean a whole host of government agencies just ready to crawl up our collective asses. Think about how you’re words affect others, before uttering them. They cannot be re-called, and they place people whom you have never met in possible danger.
I am not trying to be an ass, I hope you understand and respect my right not to be endangered by someone elses poor choice of words.
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Bentov was right on the money. This is ominous; that American leaders in the government are so egotistical, vain, arrogant, pompus, to investigate everyone who writes online that George Bush should be harmed or dealt with in any way compensatory to the evil that he has done. George Bush is a sinister leader of a dangerous cabal that Thomas Jefferson warned all of America and the world about two hundred years ago, when he spoke of the necessity of a revolution every twenty years.

Millions of Americans have written angry emails, blogs, letters, posters, signs and buttons, have smashed Bush pinatas, burned effigies, and wished all manner of misfortune on this mephistophelian president. Are they all being investigated? Would the RCMP investigate someone at the behest of Cuban leader Fidel Castro if a Canadian had said on a forum somewhere that he ought to be shot? Of course not. Is Reverend Pat Robertson being investigated because he said before millions of people on television that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez should be killed? There is no serious investigation into a man who instigated assassination on national television. The FCC didn’t even ban Robertson from the airwaves, because that assassination talk is Republican code talk. George Bush is still friends with Robertson!

Everyone in a free society should be able to write that their leader is a son-of-a-bitch who ought to suffer a fate in hell. As far as I know, real assassins don’t write their plans in blogs or emails or forums – at least not Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, nor any of the few other non-state sponsored terrorists/assassins that have impact on the US political structure.

The reason the RCMP has been told to investigate Cannabis Culture Magazine online forum members is because the FBI, the US Attorney-General, the NSA, the DEA, probably CIA and other US government surveillance agencies are watching Marc Emery and his people! They think we are terrorists because we believe in a peaceful, honest society where peaceful, honest lifestyle choices are legal and enshrined with the protection of a free, liberal democracy – the opposite of what they want. The leader of Cannabis Culture and those in the world’s cannabis culture are considered a threat to the fascist takeover occurring via the Bush administration (ie: the Patriot Act, NSA mass phone date surveillance, mail interceptions, Iraq lies, etcetera).

Read in our next issue of Cannabis Culture Magazine, “Was John Lennon killed for his political activism?” and you will learn of shocking government programs to target cannabis activists, political activists, influential musicians and celebrities with assassination, deportation, staged drug charges and other dirty acts by the secret police of the US government.

The comments by Pulverizer that were flagged by the FBI-NSA-DEA were these from a Socializing Lounge thread. The premise of the topic is “What would you do if Bush came to your town?” Now, I’m sure millions of Americans dream of Bush and Cheney being gone or dead somehow every day. How could they not? Normally Pulverizer has many great and sensible ideas – check his posts; in fact, the ones before the following comment are well thought out but then he answers a questions like this:

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Re: bush is coming to my town, need ideas [Re: average_dan]
#1200097 – Thu Jan 19 2006 08:41 AM
‘What would YOU do if bush was going to give a speech in the town you live in?’ find a nice perch somewhere outta sight, set my scope for the podium and……..
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That’s it! Other responses were activism-oriented, or jokingly written. However, moderator David Malmo-Levine immediately addressed Pulverizer’s comment in the forum:

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I’m concerned your threatening the President using these forums may bring heat down upon the forums. I guess you’re too full of yourself to read up on what an “agent provocateur” is. And uttering threats isn’t protected as “free speech” by even the most libertarian of ACLU lawyers.
Considering you ignore the wisdom of civil disobedience, that you ignore the concept of “agent provocateurs” and you insist that using this site to threaten violence against Bush, what would you expect would happen to you under the circumstances? What could we as moderators possibly gain by allowing you to continue to post while ignoring all of our yet-to-be-addressed concerns?
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David Malmo-Levine was being a good moderator and pointed out the uselessness of childish, emotional comments wishing the quick demise of the “evil ones”, even though millions think those kinds of thoughts about our hated leaders every day. All Americans, Canadians, Australians, Britons, and people all over the world need to understand the United States has infiltrated the governments of almost all English speaking nations. The New World Order, under a fundamentalist Republican-Christian dominated White House and Congress, is moving on all its enemies. Americans disapprove of Bush by a 71% to 29% margin – almost three out of four Americans disapprove of his government’s job and many millions of those people hate George Bush and Dick Cheney with all their being.

On Tuesday, May 9th Karen Tandy, appointed by Bush as head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, had a very happy meeting with hanging prosecutor, now-Canadian Attorney General Vic Toews, who will mostly certainly extradite me to the USA if he is Attorney General next year. When a reporter for a CBC documentary asked Karen Tandy about me that day at the RCMP and DEA International Drug Enforcement Conference in Montreal, she did not deny that cannabis legalization activists were fair targets for the DEA anywhere in the world!

While I was in Montreal for the IDEC and the Canadian counter-symposium, I walked around the hotel where the DEA meeting was and saw dozens of cops. Many of them recognized me with wide eyes, and no doubt thought I was brazen being there. Within one hour, Montreal police organizing the security for the DEA/RCMP love-in called my bail supervisor for a copy of the court order allowing me to be in Montreal, telling my bail supervisor, “If he hasn’t got everything completely in order, we’re arresting him immediately.” Fortunately, my onerous bail conditions were all met, allowing me to be out of Vancouver. And just two days after I return from Montreal I have “coffee” with RCMP National Security acting on behalf of the FBI!

When I recall the January, 2006 investigation by Elections Canada over my support of the NDP in the 2004 and 2006 campaigns, and Judge Patrick Dohm warning me in November 2005 about what I say during an election campaign, I dare say the full apparatus of the police state has kicked into “we’re dealing with a serious revolutionary here” which is both flattering and ominous.

I’ve never hurt anyone, nor done anything without the full consent of all involved. I have only ever advocated a peaceful nation cognizant of individual values and rights. Thomas Jefferson was always my greatest political inspiration. For years I had a majestic painting of the writer of the Declaration of Independence above the fireplace mantle. I am both a Canadian and American patriot. My influences for my entire life are bound up in the culture of both countries. There is no way to divorce that from who I am. I feel for the United States and I feel for Canada.

Now consider the entire might of the police state out there, on the other side of that moral equation. Wars in Iraq, and against the American people in its war on drugs. Record deficits bringing inevitable financial collapse to the US monetary system. Record number of prisoners, political prisoners in US jails. Mass surveillance on the American people with collaboration of the licenced monopoly corporations (AT&T, Southern Bell, etcetera).

These are days and circumstances whereby Jefferson advised a revolution ought to be done when the fascist elements of America overwhelm the system and make America the bête noire of the founding fathers.

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