Burning Rainbow Farm: Book Review by Greg Williams

Burning Rainbow Farm by Dean KuipersBurning Rainbow Farm by Dean KuipersTwo days before the 9/11 attacks that led to war in the name of democracy, two Michigan men were shot to death for simply trying to exercise the very rights their country was now supposedly fighting for.
On a remote farm that they owned in southwest Michigan, Tom Crosslin and Rollie Rohm created their own peaceful utopia called Rainbow Farm. Essentially a campground, it quickly grew amidst Tom and Rollie’s libertarian attitudes into the center of marijuana and environmental activism in the state.

?Burning Rainbow Farm?, written by Dean Kuipers, chronicles the history and events that led up to the murders of Tom and Rollie and a fire that burned the farm to the ground. Stephen King could not have conjured up such a monster as County Prosecutor Scott Teter, who spearheaded the nightmare that was about to land on Rainbow Farm. He created a task force specifically designed to shut down the farm, harass festival-goers with roadblocks, and infiltrate the crowd with narks, desperate for anything to use against this embarrassment and potential threat to his political career. When marijuana plants were found on the farm, it was all Teter needed to unleash his army of darkness.

Tom and Rollie were arrested for growing marijuana and faced minimum prison sentences. Rollie’s 11-year-old son was taken away and placed in foster care. A bit of drool slid down Teter’s fang, but he wasn’t done yet ? he wanted to take the farm away too. Forfeiture laws allowed him to seize the property, but not until the defendant was found guilty. He went ahead anyway. When Tom and Rollie realized what was happening they vowed that their land would not be taken from them? or at least, there would be nothing left to take.

Author Dean Kuipers has done a tremendous amount of research and has talked to virtually everyone who was involved. This is a must-read for everyone, not just the cannabis culture. The War on Drugs is a real war, no different than any other war that’s ever been fought. Scott Teter wields the Sheriff’s Dept, Michigan State Police, ATF, the FBI, and DEA like any army general. He set them on Rainbow Farm, and at the end of the day the army had completed their mission and Tom and Rollie lay dead. It?s true the pair had taken up weapons to defend their land, but a professional army sniper can take the head off a pin at 600 yards. It evidently wasn’t possible to shoot the ?suspects? in the leg; instead there were two shots, two kills. Of course it was found to be ?justifiable homicide? ? but then, none other than Scott Teter investigated it internally.

?Burning Rainbow Farm: How a Stoner Utopia Went Up in Smoke? is a true testimony to the absolute madness of the War on Drugs. It illustrates completely that we do not have the right to free speech or to bear arms. It also shows the malicious intent and the monstrous actions by men and women of law enforcement who are willing to kill to protect their paychecks. They do this without remorse or any sense of peril because they know they are fighting a war against people who are not shooting back.

This incident was a horrible nightmare, completely vicious in it?s intent. I encourage everyone to buy this book, as it needs to be on the best-seller list so the rest of society will read it too. Although, when you delve into this terrifying true story, I suggest leaving the light on.

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