Cannabis Culture #59 Pot Puzzler Winners!

On April 19th, Marc Emery and Jodie Giesz-Ramsay drew the winning entires to Cannabis Culture magazine’s Pot Puzzlers from issue 59!
Thanks to Hot Box Vapors, we are able to offer four custom-designed CC logo Hot Box vaporizers to our winners of the Pot Puzzler each issue.

Watch Marc and Jodie draw and announce the winners from over 200 entires ? the highest response to the puzzler ever! ? on the latest Prince of Pot show on Pot-TV here.

The winners are:

? A. S. in Mission Hills, Kansas, USA

? S. S. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

? C. B. in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada

? S. S. in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Hot Box Vapors has been given your addresses so they can ship your brand new special edition CC Hot Box vaporizer. Thank you to everyone who participated, and be sure to mail in your Cannabis Culture issue # 60 puzzlers before June 15th!