Celebrate 420!

Once again, we’ve hit the magical time of year when the world’s cannabis culture comes together to enjoy the herb and decry the drug war. Your own town will probably have events taking place at the nearest park or marijuana market.
Check out the Cannabis Culture Upcoming Events Forum to see if there’s anything planned for your area.

If you’re in Vancouver, you should come down to the Art Gallery (north side) on Georgia Street and Howe Street at 2:00 in the afternoon. Every year the pot people meet at the Art Gallery and at 4:20 we send a cloud of cannabis smoke into the sky with chants of Legalize It! rising from the crowd.

If you’re in Ontario, here’s what’s planned for cannabis enthusiasts!

Thursday, Apr. 20
Up In Smoke Cafe free pot smokeout

11 ? 2 p.m.
Cannabis Olympics @ Up In Smoke Caf?
Biggest Bong Hit
Fastest Single Joint Roller
Sleekest Looking Spliff
Fastest & Most Joints Rolled

2 p.m. ? 3 p.m.
Stop The Cops ? Free Pot Smokeout
Meet at Ferguson Station (across from Up In Smoke Caf?)
Open Megaphone ? Pot Poetry by Chris Lawson

3 p.m. ? 4:20 p.m.
March to City Hall to Meet Chris Goodwin
Guest Speakers; Larry Cherniak & Dana Larsen
Special Guest Appearance: President George Bush
Live from the BCMP Marc “Prince of Pot” Emery
Open Megaphone ? Hosted by Hamilton Activist & Matt Mernagh
Marijuana Smooching (a/k/a Shotgun) Contest
Joint Tossing
Best Banner & Costume
Toker Trivia

5 p.m. ? 7 p.m.
(Up In Smoke Caf?)
Bubble Bag Brawl w/ Larry Cherniak

8 p.m. ? 10 p.m.
(Skydragon Center 27 King William St)
Escape to Canada movie screening

9 p.m. – 11 p.m.
(Up In Smoke Caf?)
Puff Mama’s Wayward Comedy Show
Bubbleator Demo w/ Laurence Cherniak
Webcast on the CC Chatline

Friday, Apr. 21
(Skydragon Center 27 King William St)

3 p.m. ? 7 p.m.
Activist Discussion w/ Dana Larsen
$20 Puff Mama Buffet for those wanting food. Reservations no later than 420.

8 p.m. ? Midnight
Marc Emery & Chris Goodwin Legal Fundraiser
Feat: Transient Workers Union

Earth Day Saturday Apr. 22
Hwy. 420: Save Mother Earth ? Legalize Marijuana

NOON Bus Departure
(Up In Smoke Caf?)
Purchase a limited edition Hwy. 420 pipe ($40) at Up In Smoke and take a trip to Niagara Falls to toke in view of The Falls. Pipe filled on 4:20.

Buses departing Toronto too!
Watch the sign, Niagara Falls Downtown via 420.

2 ? 3 p.m.
Gather at Hwy. 420 & Victoria Ave. Parkette

3 p.m.
March To Queen Victoria Park (base of Clifton Hill)
Follow The Death of Canadian Justice Casket in a mock pot procession.

3 p.m. ? 6 p.m.
Eulogy for Canadian Justice / Mother Earth
Guest Speakers; Larry Cherniak & Dana Larsen
Special Guest Appearance: President George Bush
Open Megaphone ? Hosted by Matt Mernagh
How To Do American Sign Language for Stoners by Anthony Brucato
Learn How To Sign, I?m Stoned, Bong Hit, Smoke A Blunt, Hit A Pipe
Marijuana Smooching (a/k/a Shotgun) Contest
Best Banner & Costume
Toker Trivia