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Sweet? from Botanicare
There are many marijuana grow products from a number of manufacturers in the marketplace right now. If you find a product that says what it does, does what it says, and the price is right you should stick with it. So where do you begin?

I graduated from Miracle Grow? to Fox Farm ( almost immediately after learning to grow pot. Fox Farm was hard to get in Southern California and a friend gave me some Botanicare products to try for free. I immediately noticed that the doses were more reasonable than the doses of similar products. In my opinion, if you use less concentrated nutrients to get the same partsper- million (ppm) readings, then it?s more economical to use.

Sap drips from the plant!Sap drips from the plant!I also noticed that after mixing up a batch of Botanicare products, the water smells like fresh vitamins with a healthy aroma. Good smells go in, good smells come out, right? I?ve been using Botanicare?s products almost exclusively for a year now, though I sometimes try other interesting organic products. I conducted an experiment using only Pure Blend Pro Bloom formula by Botanicare and nothing much else except 1 drop (per gallon of water) of Superthrive. The crop was a very potent and resinous success, but I felt that the fan leaves were a little too brittle and fell off too easily.

That?s when my buddy Dave told me that Botanicare has a new product out called Sweet. He said he loved it ? and he always has the most flavorful organic bud. Sweet is an Organic Carbohydrate Synthesizer with a Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium (N-P-K) value of 0-0-0. Botanicare claims that Sweet reduces or eliminates the stress caused by both the high Nitrogen during vegging and high Phosphorus during the budding cycle, while allowing your plant to distribute nutrients, micronutrients and hormones to the places they need to be. They call it biosynthesis and it increases flavors, aromas, and fatty oil synthesis. With select carbohydrates for amplified energy, you get increased sugar content and plant biomass.

Sap drips from the plant!I used one application with the last fertilizing of a crop in its fourth week of budding. I then used only water for the last three weeks to harvest. I noticed the fan leaves looked healthier, the buds were fuller and the calyxes were just massive, the biggest I have ever seen anywhere, at harvest time. One budding site was just dripping with sap coming from a calyx!

I used Sweet as recommended throughout the veg and bud cycle of my present crop. The results were absolutely amazing: the smell of the Afghani Bullrider has never been better, the flavor is rich and full, and the ash burns completely white. My joint needs to be lit only once to smoke the entire thing (unless I put it out voluntarily)! The ash was much darker before I used Sweet, even though I used fewer nutrients and flushed with plain water for four weeks. If I can drop ash on my pants and watch it disappear with a flick of my finger, it proves to me that my plants are much healthier and assimilated all the nutrients. Fully metabolized nutrients equals fully developed flowers and fully developed flavor. This is a wonderful product that you simply must try for yourself in order to fully appreciate the natural science that Botanicare has brought to us.

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Harvest Master ProPlus Climate ControllerHarvest Master ProPlus Climate ControllerCO2 EASi from Harvest Master

Another must-have product on the horizon is the CO2 EASi from Harvest Master. Harvest Master is the manufacturer of amazing ?learning technology? grow room equipment that adapts to keep your garden settings optimal (see CC issue #57). The CO2 EASi is a user-friendly all-in-one controller and CO2 sensor that has the Harvest Master?s ability to ?learn? your specific environment, creating the best conditions for your plants. This is an outstanding product! The website has all the answers to your questions.

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PE-1 Infrared ThermometerPE-1 Infrared ThermometerPE-1 from Pro Exotics

Perhaps you?ve seen the advertisement in Cannabis Culture regarding my new favorite tool, the PE-1 infrared thermometer from Pro Exotics. The PE-1 has the lowest price of the four temp guns that Pro Exotics of Littleton, Colorado were kind enough to send me to try out. I feel uniquely qualified to test the PE-1 because since 2001 I have trusted my Raytek digital MiniTemp gun to troubleshoot and diagnose everything from excess bulb/ballast heat and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications, to the crucial prime operating temperature of my R/C gas monster truck engine.

RayTek digital temp gunRayTek digital temp gunThe PE-1 is five times smaller than my RayTek, and weighs only 36 grams versus the RayTek?s 160 grams. The first thing I noticed is that the PE-1 reads to the tenth of a degree (77.4˚ Fahrenheit for example, versus my RayTek resolution of only 77˚F) making it more accurate. To conduct a comparison, I used a standard red glass room thermometer sitting at room temperature and reading 75˚ F. My RayTek consistently read 72˚ from the thermometer surface?s top to the bottom. The PE-1 read 74.9˚ at the top of the thermometer, and 75.0˚ at the bottom. I think the $25 PE-1 kicked my $100 RayTek?s ass! My RayTek goes past the PE-1?s range of 428˚ F and reaches 750˚. But spending $100 for the PE-3, with a max temp of 1,000 degrees, sure beats buying a RayTek!

RayTek digital temp gunThe PE-2 (for $45) goes up to 482˚, and they also have the PE-Mini that weighs a mere 20 grams and is priced at $30. For those kind of prices you can?t afford to NOT have one of these little buggers in your tool belt. Trust me: you will use it!

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Poly Plus Shield from Poly Shield

RayTek digital temp gunLet me now segue from a tool you use to a tool ?they? use. FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radiation) or thermal imaging can be used to look inside your house to ?see? what you are doing ? including what you are growing (see CC issue #55). There is now a countermeasure against this thermal imaging, brought to you by a company called Poly Shield. The product itself is called Poly Shield. It looks similar to the classic black/white poly material ? with its versatility and ability to be either black or white depending which side is used ? that we indoor growers have come to love and respect.RayTek digital temp gun Poly Shield has taken this one step further by adding a middle layer of radiation-reflecting material between a black layer and a silvery-white layer, making it impossible for thermal imaging to see through. (Absolute genius.) This special process also makes the material almost impossible to tear or rip. I?ve seen their information DVD at my local grow store, and I am in contact with Keith from Poly Shield. Hopefully I?ll be doing a follow-up story with pictures, charts, comparisons and statistics for this brilliant invention!

Call Pacific Northwest Garden Supply: 604.465.4768

Jef Tek Rating System
**** (Grow Library)
*** (Coffee Table)
** (Bus Stop)
* (Recycle Bin)RayTek digital temp gun

Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD
By High Times
Jef Tek Rating *** (3/4)

With over 23 years of experience Jorge Cervantes does it again with his new Ultimate Grow DVD. Jorge Cervantes has sold over a half million copies of his 1983 book Indoor Marijuana Horticulture while contributing growing advice to dozens of marijuana publications. His commonsense approach of answering real people?s questions with real-world solutions has helped countless growers achieve their own green thumbs. In July 2005, Jorge came to beautiful British Columbia to visit many different gardens, and mine was one of the first to be filmed. It was exhilarating to be visited by such a famous and respected pot-god as Jorge, and thankfully filming went smoothly.

Fast-forward six months: I was checking out High Times? website when I saw the advertisement for Jorge Cervantes? new Ultimate Grow DVD. I clicked on the free preview movie trailer and sat stunned as clip after clip was easily recognizable as my grow. I am honored and privileged to be a part of this awesome DVD but this makes it very hard for me to give a fair and impartial review because… of course I?m partial to this DVD! How could I not be proud to be in an outstanding 100-minute growing movie that has the Trailer Park Boys in it as well?

Jorge takes us on a journey explaining the following: Air & Circulation; Lights, Lamps & Electricity; Soil & Containers; Water & Nutrients; Hydroponics; Seeds (and seed companies); Cloning; Vegetative Growth; Transplanting; Pests, Fungi & Diseases; Indica vs. Sativa; Flowering; Harvest; and finally Hash Making. He physically builds an 8-foot square grow room from lumber and Visqueen black and white fabric, installs a 12-inch blower and a 600-watt lamp, and fills 16 pots with sunshine mix. He leaves no stone unturned with the clear explanations and flawless editing ? I?d like to give props to Aaron for his editing job well done. In Jorge?s DVD the scenes perfectly mesh with the sentiment he is conveying to the viewer. I watched it once alone and once with friends, and gauging by their reactions I have to give this movie a two big green thumbs up!

P.S. Hey Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, I know you all been busy filmin? yer new Trailer Park Boys movie and all but when are ya gonna? come back to Vancouver and visit us at the BCMP before our hero Marc gets whisked off to America? I apologize to anyone out there who isn?t familiar with the Showcase cable TV show Trailer Park Boys ? you should really check ?em out on the web or on DVD! It?s very cool that they?re part of this fantastic Cervantes movie.

RayTek digital temp gunMarijuana Success Volume 2: Grow a Great Garden
By Ed Rosenthal
Jef Tek Rating *** (3/4)

Heads Magazine presents: Marijuana Success Volume 2, Grow a Great Garden by Ed Rosenthal is a 76 page magazine style book that takes you on a real-world journey through many marijuana gardens. It outlines different people?s techniques and how they overcame individual obstacles. Ed makes good observations and points out useful information that will benefit both novice and professional growers. There is no index, but the chapters are color-coded and all of the pictures are quality photographs. At the end there is a guy who makes cute little animals out of freshly made water hash! It is informative and easy to read with just about every style of gardening covered. There?s something for everyone! Distributed by Quick American-Ed Rosenthal.

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RayTek digital temp gunMarijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Growers Bible
By Jorge Cervantes
Jef Tek Rating **** (4/4)

The new Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Growers Bible is sure to benefit all growers of all stages and abilities. Jorge Cervantes has revised the Grower?s Bible for 2006, with 512 color pages and 1,120 color images. You might as well categorize it as an encyclopedia of bud! I was moved by the opening page memorial for a deceased dedicated marijuana activist, as well as the full three pages of credits and a personal dedication by Jorge. The 17 chapters are color coded for easy reference and the book has a detailed index. In a real-world experiment I looked up ?Temperature? in the index. ?Pages 51, 52, 101-103, 155, 156, 228, 229, 256, 257, 319, 320, 330-(331)- 339? and ?see also under air; water; soil, which are all related to temperature?. This level of detail is definitely worth a lot more than the $24.95 USD price. You also learn state-of-the-art methods of producing everything from seeds to hash. This is the fifth edition and has been a best seller since 1983; you owe it to yourself to pick up this 1-inch-thick chunk of words more valuable than gold! Published by Van Patten Publishing.

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RayTek digital temp gunInvisible Marijuana and Psychedelic Mushroom Gardens
By Robert Bunch
Jef Tek Rating *** (3/4)

From 1998, Invisible Marijuana and Psychedelic Mushroom Gardens by Robert Bunch isn?t new, but is a very fun book to read. The author has a ?bunch? of useful information that he offers you via a symbol of a mouth yelling into an ear. He gives such a very unique way of hiding plants that I won?t spill the beans in this review! Bunch goes over many seemingly impossible rooting mediums, and has a firm grasp of why they worked and what he had to modify (to grow his weed using clean HVAC filters as a medium, for example). He discusses different strains of marijuana and goes into provable theories all the way into the forbidden zone of magic mushroom cultivation and storage. This book makes you use your imagination and I definitely recommend it to anyone who thinks they have read everything! A classic by Loompanics Unlimited, Port Townsend Washington.

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