Issue 60: From the Editor

Growing marijuana is still the most revolutionary act in our culture. The Nazified police forces that arrest, jail, humiliate and demonize us are living out their philosophy of exterminating a peaceful people and beneficial plant. Botany pitted against arbitrary authority. Our enemies, police forces and government, will expend more money and brutality this autumn to stop the harvest of our beloved and sacred plant. So you must be a deft and well-prepared eco-warrior overgrowing our governments, creating herbal wealth for our community. Be smart, be brave, and promise yourself you will grow at least 10 female cannabis plants outside this spring as your own act of cannabis liberation.
Marc Scott Emery vs. United States of America received helpful coverage on the CBS News program 60 Minutes on March 5th, 2006. You can watch it online at www.Pot-TV or read the official transcript at the archive. This 12-minute segment even included The Prince of Pot animated ?Overgrow? intro from my Pot-TV show! Cannabis Culture magazine and Pot-TV were shown and discussed before an estimated 12 million viewers that evening, according to Nielsen ratings. In Canada, there was huge media interest in distinguished journalist Bob Simon?s report both before and after the broadcast. A week later The Washington Post reported on the extradition attempt by the US federal government, who still desperately want to bring me to an American prison for the rest of my life. My revolutionary seeding of America with cannabis has certainly aided in the growing of millions of plants, and there is nothing I am prouder to boast.

Many Americans will spend the remainder of their precious life in jail for growing far, far fewer marijuana plants than I?m being held responsible for, and in most cases no one knows they exist. I am so grateful and blessed to be the carrier of our culture?s banner, and give voice to those who endure painful incarceration by the devilish US government?s war on the wonderful marijuana people and plant. Americans get sentenced to incredible punishments in jail for being part of the cannabis culture. Utah?s Weldon Angelos had a 55-year sentence upheld January 10th, 2006 for selling a few ounces of marijuana to an undercover cop. This is tragic torture of human lives for no reason other than pure state-sponsored sadism. On pages 64-69, Peter Gorman reports on the ten longest incarcerated men and women of the cannabis culture in America, all serving at least a decade for pot sentences that in some cases are not so much as ?life? sentences, but death sentences.

In this issue we show you how to be a proud warrior farmer! Australian outback uber-grower Joe Walsh returns with Part 2 of the great Aussie Bush Paradise outdoor adventure, pages 22-41. The spectacular photos and vivid details make this story a very wise lesson in both life and growing. Spring is the time to get your outdoor garden under way, so how about using one of your favorite forests or national parks? Cover the land with cannabis using our expert outdoor tips on pages 8-15. Or, you can try your hand at the Swamp Growing methods outlined on pages 70-73. We put together swamp and bog input from three corners of North America!

Want a good job in a wonderful field with high risk? How To Be A Weed Dealer on pages 16-21 offers insider tips, removing some of the risk involved with entering the cannabis retail trade. In Origins of the Species, Jason King?s beautiful photographs accompany Robert Connell Clarke?s history of classic seed genetics. Adapted from Jason King?s Cannabible, this seminal history of seed banks and the strains they made is presented like never before, on pages 48-60.

No culture on earth is more persecuted than ours. In 45 years (1961-2006) we have had 26 million of our people arrested worldwide, and many millions of those labored through significant jail times. Half of those arrested and charged were American citizens: thirteen million since 1956! Why are our people made to suffer this seemingly endless tyranny?

Ours is a sacred culture ordained by God in the Biblical verses (Genesis 1:27-31), and made holy by our suffering. Every day our persecution is great, but every day we are greater in number. ?Life is suffering,? said the Buddha. What he meant by this was that through the experience of hardship and difficulty, we rise to a higher consciousness and become better human beings living on a better planet. Cannabis is enlightenment. It is our mission to go forth, spread the word, and sow our beloved plant around the globe.

Faithfully yours,

Marc Emery