Kubby Tug-Of-War: Steve being sent back to jail, again

Steve, Michele, and their two children in happier timesSteve, Michele, and their two children in happier timesRecently released from the Placer County jail because of overcrowding, medical marijuana advocate Steven Wynn Kubby is being sent back.
Kubby was sentenced Tuesday to a 60-day term by a judge who determined that the 59-year-old activist had violated his probation in 2001 by moving to Canada rather than serve a 120-day stretch for a drug conviction. He will report to the jail Wednesday.

Kubby said he again hopes for an early release because of good behavior and possible jail overcrowding.

“Hopefully, I can serve just 20 days of it, but I’ve been given no guarantees,” he said.

Kubby left the United States five years ago, contending he would die in the Placer jail if not allowed to use cannabis to treat his medical condition, which Kubby has described as a rare form of adrenal cancer.

But Canadian officials deported him and he was arrested Jan. 26 when his airplane landed at San Francisco International Airport. He was then sent to Placer to serve his 120-day sentence for the drug conviction but was released early due to overcrowding at the Placer jail. Disallowed cannabis in jail, Kubby took Marinol, a prescription drug that contains a synthetic form of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Article from The Sacramento Bee

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