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No one said being editor and publisher of CC, director of POT.TV, and President and Party Leader of the BC Marijuana Party would be easy. But consider that the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) declaration: “Emery and his organization had been designated as one of the (US) Attorney-General?s most wanted international drug trafficking organization targets, only one of 46 in the world and the only one in Canada.” Talk about a weight on my shoulders! The DEA considers me Canada’s #1 drug kingpin!
On July 29 of this year, I was arrested in Canada for extradition to a US federal court in Seattle, where I have been indicted on charges of selling marijuana seeds that became plants, and then spending the money I received. That’s known as ‘conspiracy’, ‘manufacturing’ and ‘money laundering’.

In these cruel times in the United States, under federal sentencing guidelines declaring me a “kingpin”, I would get around 27 to 35 years in a federal prison. For selling seeds. Deliberately and proudly, and with clear political and cultural purpose, mind you. I confess all right on pages 12-19.

I face more time in US jail for selling seeds than I would get if I were charged with multiple murder here in Canada, which is 25 years maximum (there is no death penalty here). Longer than a murderer would get! For selling seeds, something no one in Canada has ever been sentenced to even one day in prison for! Only two people have ever been convicted of seed selling in Canada since the law was on the books in 1968: myself in 1998, when I was fined $700 per count; and Ian Hunter in the year 2000 received a $200 fine.

In 2005, there are over 100 cannabis seed companies operating in Canada. It is de-facto legal by most observations. People often think marijuana is legal here, but tens of thousands of people are arrested for possession ever year. But in almost four decades, only two people in Canada have been convicted of selling seeds ? and there’s been no arrests or charges in the last 5 years. Cannabis seed selling is legal in the United Kingdom, Holland, Spain and most of Europe.

I might only have two years left in Canada before I am turned over to rot for the rest of my days in a US prison. Extradition seems likely unless there is a surge of outrage in both countries.

These are desperate time for me under such circumstances, but it’s a terrific opportunity also. I’m doing more interviews than ever, at a daily rate. I’m going to be featured on 60 Minutes around the time you read this (go to cannabisculture.com for further news) and I?ll be in hundreds of newspaper stories, magazines, TV specials, radio shows, pod casts, and movies, railing against the US drug war and its prison and punishment system. I’ll also be in the year-end edition of Rolling Stone magazine!

Since my release in August on bail I’ve done interviews ceaselessly. When you hear me speak, or when you read of my work, I hope you find I represent dignity for our people and our movement. I don’t want anyone to think that saving my skin is more important than the principles of liberating our people from the jails.

I’m certainly going to need you to harness your outrage about the extent to which the US federal government and police forces in North America are persecuting the cannabis culture.

There are more arrests for cannabis today than at any previous time in history. And if they can put me away for the rest of my life in a cold US prison for leading the cannabis people, then it will set an ugly precedent that could greatly inhibit our political and cultural advancement.

The US drug war imperils national sovereignty of every country. The DEA has offices in 65 nations, and the DEA is in the business of rounding up the cannabis culture, anywhere and everywhere. Legalizers and gardeners of all nations are now at much greater risk.

We need petitioners, educators, and financial donations to our legal fees. We need people to print up pamphlets and give them out. Talk it up on our behalf, talk about the drug war.

My days may be numbered and only the people of Canada, the United States and the world can save me. I tell Canadians in every interview, “If I get extradited to the USA, you’ll never see me alive again,” and I believe that to be true.

Wear one of my “No Extradition” t-shirts in solidarity with me! Send $25 (CDN) plus $7 shipping to: Save the BC3 T-shirt, 15-199 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1H4. Include a note with your mailing address and shirt specifications: S/M/L/XL in black, red, white, or neon green.

If you donate $100 to our legal fees, I will send you an autographed copy of Cannabis Culture#1 Spring 1995, on hemp paper (then called Cannabis Canada). This important first issue lays out my manifesto for the activities I would execute over the following 10 years. I will sign the cover and the ‘5 Conditions For Peace’ statement that has been my activist credo since day one.

Donate online at www.cannabisculture.com/articles/4481.html or donate by mail to: Cannabis Culture No Extradition! Legal Defense Fund, 15-199 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1H4.

Write me at [email protected] Please email my assistant at [email protected] to request the PDF “No Extradition” flyer and petition to print and distribute. We can also mail flyer and petition packages anywhere in Canada and the US, so you can spread the word and generate support. Just email a request with your mailing address!

Thanks for being here with me at Cannabis Culture ? which, by the way, the DEA called my “propagandist marijuana magazine”.

Overgrow the Government!

Marc Scott Emery