“Heaven’s Stairway” January & February Orders Seized – WARNING

WARNINGWARNINGCannabis Culture magazine is warning everyone who bought seeds from Heaven’s Stairway Seed Company in January and February 2006 to take ANY and ALL percautions to protect themselves from possible investigation, arrest, or detainment by the RCMP.
This is posted without any personal or financial interest or gain; we just want to WARN, PROTECT and INFORM those who may be at risk!

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been investigating Overgrow.com and Heaven’s Stairway, among other affiliates, since November 2004.

Please be careful and diligent if YOU could be involved! Spread this information all over the internet for others to use. Perhaps we can save cannabis gardeners from being busted, just as we did when Emery Seeds was shut down.

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Read the RCMP press release as posted on CC