Cannabis Culture Magazine #58 Pot Puzzler Winners

These are the winners of the Cannabis Culture Pot Puzzler in issue 58 (December/January). We received a lot of entries, so it seems the challenging crossword was entertaining ? and of course, there were six valuable prizes to be won!
Thanks for submitting your pot puzzler answers, CC fans!

First Prize
A special Cannabis Culture Magazine limited edition Hot Box Vaporizer with our logo on it, plus a signed edition of Cannabis Canada #1 with Marc?s original manifesto (value: $250)

? Matt and Ayla in Texas

Second Prize
A special limited edition CC Magazine Hot Box Vaporizer (value: $200)

? Mark in Iowa

Third Prize
Space Case Metal Bud Grinder (value: $80)

? Keith in Indiana

Fourth Prize
Complete set of Reefer Magnets, 25 in all (value: $50)

? Sarah in Alberta

Fifth Prize
First issue of Cannabis Canada #1, signed by Marc Emery (value: $50)

? Zack in Montana

Sixth Prize
?No Extradition? T-shirt (value: $25)

? Shaun in Alberta

Prize winners for CC Hot Box Vaporizers will be sent their prize in the next 4-6 weeks, from Hot Box Vaporizers in California.

Other prizes have already been put in the mail by Marc Emery (who also works as the CC shipper!) and should arrive at winner’s homes in 1-2 weeks.

Congratulations everyone! We look forward to seeing the response to our latest Pot Puzzler in issue 59 (March/April), which you can check out right here!