Pot Puzzlers

Welcome back to the Pot Puzzler Page. Here are the winners from issue 57?s tough crossword. We only got 2 entries!
1) Volcano Vaporizer: Len in Ontario
2) Voodoo Vaporizer: Mike in California
3) Happy Vappy Vaporizer: no winner!
4) Cannabible 2 hardcover: no winner!
5) CC gift pack: no winner!

This issue, we have two puzzles and four prizes. Mail in your completed crossword and word search (copies allowed) to CC Puzzles, 15-199 West Hastings St. Vancouver BC, V6B 1H4. Only one entry per puzzle, per magazine! Hot Box Vaporizers will be sent to two word search winners and two crossword winners. The deadline is April 15th, 2006, so get those brains busy!


1 Pot with high cannabidiol content may make you want to go ____ down.
4 ____ comes from cannabis both in name and in production.
9 Pot can be a ____ out of hard drug use but is not a ____ drug in general.
11 A four-way stop is an ____ stop.
14 Consuming too much (abbr.) – can?t be done to a fatal degree with pot.
15 Bronchodilation occurs when toking opens and expands each air ____ in your lungs.
16 Any one of a group of hard drugs that derive from the opium plant.
17 Strange or weird – like advocating prohibition when it clearly does not work.
19 White ____ is a very skunky indica with lots of ?crystals?.
21 2000 pounds of pot equals a ____ of fun.
22 No one has ever ____ from marijuana toxicity.
24 High profi le target of the American war on marijuana – 1/3 of the BC3.
26 It seems that clothing made from hemp ____ forever.
28 Latin abbreviation for the English words, ?that is?.
29 Bob and Doug Mackenzie of Great White North say, ?Take off, ____!?
31 Batman and Robin- ?the dynamic ____ ?; Bush and Cheney- ?the demonic ____ ?.
32 Zig ____ whites are slow burning so you don?t waste your good herb.
34 Abbreviation for a twelve-step program aimed at opiate abusers.
36 Green means ____.
37 Prohibition is a mistake because its logic is in serious ____.
39 Cannabis vapor is no more smoke than water vapor, which we also know as ____.
43 Bud Buddy and Budmail say if you want ____, come and get ____.
44 Un ____ avec chanvre sont un ____ vraiment! A friend with weed is a friend indeed!
46 ____ oil is a golden liquid cannabis extract that makes the bees jealous.
48 You will not get a fair count by weight if your weed is ____.
49 The Senate?s recommendation to legalize echoes of the ____ Commission report.
51 A ____ (a lingering trail of alcohol) on a snifter is a sign of good cognac.
53 Abbreviation for military personnel, gear and equipment that is government issued.
54 The Scythians would ____ their clothing and their bodies with cannabis images.
55 In the painting, ?Washington crosses the ____ ? it looks like George is checking to see if the coast is clear so he can break out his stash for the crew.
57 A person designated to do chores – for security, grow-ops usually just have one.
58 The opposite of prohibition and its list of ?don?ts?; computer language ?MS ____ ?.


1 Young male Scotsman. Lassie?s brother.
2 Marc Emery?s favorite author Ayn Rand wrote ?__las Shrugged?.
3 Say this just to tick off Nancy Reagan. Also the name of a classic rock band.
4 A secret stash.
5 An interjection meaning ?alas?. Fonzie?s famous one word line.
6 The best way to inhale cannabiniods – tasty and healthy – no smoke.
7 Muhammed?s son. Cassius Clay?s assumed name.
8 High tech police army that often picks on peaceful pot people.
9 Hamilton Ontario activist Chris ____ is the founder of the Up In Smoke Cafe.
10 The American ?____ on drugs? includes all the propaganda of ____ as well.
12 In the Old Testament, a cannabis-anointed altar was an essential in the process that was used to ____ for sin.
13 If you long for pot in Japan, if you can find any, you can pay for your ____ with ____.
16 For strength of plant fiber, hemp is ranked number ____.
18 The Scythians used to bury their ____ with a bag of marijuana for the afterlife.
20 I am Canadian and ____ cannabian too (abbr.).
23 The ?war on ____ ? is being conducted by the world?s largest distributor of ____.
25 The USA wants to put the BC3 away for ____ for a mere fining offence in Canada.
27 Getting high is as legitimate a way of ____ and calming oneself as having a drink.
30 The opposite of an orthodox person.
33 Everyone should have their own ____-op to over___ the government.
35 Weapons unwanted and unnecessary: it is a moral offense for any ____ agent to enter a peaceful toker?s home.
38 Hemp seed is an excellent source of essential fatty acids known as _____.
40 Hemp fiber lasts for an ____.
41 The indefinite article before a vowel.
42 Andrew ____, Secretary of the Treasury, introduced The Marijuana Tax Act 1937.
44 Chicken ____ king (2 words) meaning ?of the? or ?from the?.
45 Object or person of reverence. A role model.
47 The legalization movement has made progress but we are not quite there ____.
50 A proud toker I am and proud tokers we ____.
52 This divine bud variety is a strong indica that is also available in ?blue?.
55 Activists use megaphones as a ____ devices to address the public at rallies (abbr.).
56 Abbr. for Latin phrase meaning ?way of doing business? or ?operating method?.