Issue 59 Editor’s Page

Canada has a new government led by the Conservative Party, a Republican-like, fundamentalist-influenced group. They are completely opposed to any decriminalization of marijuana and are looking to bring in mandatory prison sentences for many marijuana offenses. These dangerous prohibitionists are balanced in some part because they didn?t win the majority of seats in Canada?s Parliament. They need allies from the other three parties to get new laws passed. This new government holds my fate in its hands if I am committed for extradition to the USA by the courts later this year.
I loved making this edition of CC. It?s my favorite so far! In this issue, heroes and villains are profiled in both ?How to Make Pot Legal in Your Town, USA? and ?The History of the DEA?. Our hero is Mason Tvert who got the voters of Denver to legalize marijuana. We tell you how he did it and how you can do it too where you live. The villain ? and my own personal b?te noire ? is our archenemy the Drug Enforcement Administration. Peter Gorman, who met with several DEA agents in preparing this story, reveals this paramilitary-like organization?s dirty history.

Cannabis flowers are everywhere this issue! Barge?s bud shots return in a 10-year anniversary spread with almost 5 pages of stunning plants. My wonderful Michelle Rainey, also sought for extradition for our political activism (see CC #58, “Prince of Pot Busted”), shows her legal medical garden of Afghani Bullrider and shares her story of rising to be one of Canada’s leading activists while living with a crippling disease.

Mark Bode, scion of a great cartoonist (see CC #56, “Vaughn Bode 30th Anniversary”) premieres his new Otherground feature in this issue. I love his stuff, and I hope you do too.

We?d like to print pictures of readers, activists and supporters wearing their No Extradition shirts in following issues of CC, so send them through email to [email protected] or to our mailing address. If you haven?t got your shirt yet, call us (604-669-9069) or visit the CC Store online to place an order.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in donations, made purchases, and offered time, kind words, even buds to help us through this potential extradition for my seed selling activism. Please keep abreast of everything in the cannabis movement by visiting our website every day, at

Always at your service, and eager to engage the enemy,

Marc Emery