Next Generation Seed Co. Chill Room

I recently helped a friend transform his garage into the home of some of British Columbia?s finest. Once a greasy corner, it is now a thriving marijuana farm. My friend, being a lover of many flavors and highs, agreed to let me grow out some of the better-producing strains that I had ready at the time ? eleven strains in all. Most I?ve had years of experience with and know what to expect. A few were first timers for me, like the Strawberry Cough and my buddy Rob?s Sativa experiment.
First we insulated the room for the upcoming winter weather. Then we covered the walls with white plastic and taped up the seams. Wiring up the lights, timers, and fans and putting in the exhaust took a few hours, but by nightfall it was time to bring in the plants.

The clones (and one Romulan seedling) were already growing when we brought them in. I had the clones vegging under constant light in small cups for two weeks at the main veg space. The plants were about 12 inches tall and in desperate need of transplanting. We potted them into 4-gallon containers, watered them with vitamin B and Growth Plus, and put them directly into the new bud room.

We used a soilless mix (Sunshine Mix #4, Promix) to grow in. The nutrients were added into the water when the plants needed it. The NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) was primarily provided by Peters Professional, 10-30-20 in early flower, and a small shot of 5-57-17 a week before flushing. Peters was only used in smaller amounts in periods of vigorous growth and was used up or flushed out very quickly. The other fertilizer we rely on is an organic seaweed derivative, Growth Plus. It?s full of the micronutrients and natural plant hormones needed for your plants to flourish. Along with a shot of vitamin B for the first week, the plants also got Fulvic Acid and a carbohydrate boost every second watering up until about week five or six, depending on the strain.

Of course, if you want to grow the good chronic remember to flush for at least 2 weeks with just water! Many of the plants in this room were flushed for over three weeks, making them very colorful and extra tasty. The beautiful autumn colors are mainly a result of cool temperatures during the dark period, when further absorption of nutrients is reduced. Colors of leaves change from green to yellow when the plant no longer takes in nitrogen. Reds and purples emerge when phosphorus absorption stops.

Eleven different strains or hybrids are in this room: NGSC Diesel, Romulan, Hashplant, Romulan x Hashplant, Nor thern Flame, Romulan Max, Strawberry Cough, B.C. Big Bang, Bubblegum, Iggy, and Rob?s Sativa.

After every plant was all dried and tried, my friend knew why I insisted on flushing with straight water for at least two weeks!

Next Generation Seed Co. DieselNext Generation Seed Co. DieselNext Generation Seed Co. Diesel

Our fast-flowering phenotype of the Diesel is one of the smelliest on the market today. The classic sour scent and taste that the Diesel is famous for really stands out. It is fairly spider mite resistant and easy to grow compared to a lot of strains. I love the purple colors and the glistening buds. Yields are good, and the quality is awesome. Last year we introduced her to both our Romulan male and our Dynamite male (Grapefruit F4). The cross with the Romulan has resulted in one of the strongest, most potent hybrids we have ever created. It?s got an extra sour stink that?s hard to contain. The Dynamite male has raised the yield and brought a fruitier taste to the Diesel. We?ll be trying some more of these seeds soon to find some clone mothers.


Romulan Max is as good as ever, one of my favorite selections from a seedling crop a few years back. It?s a clone of a Romulan seedling chosen for its extra large yields. It?s easy to grow and easy to trim.


This is one of the Hashplant clones famous in the Pacific Northwest. We?ve grown three different ones over the last few years, this being the third. With very resinous buds and large yield, this strain has great bag appeal. Unfortunately, the high from this is heavy and sleepy, and there are so many growers with Hashplant out here, it?s hard to sell for a good price.

Romulan x HashplantRomulan x HashplantRomulan x Hashplant

This cross was made with the first Hashplant we tried and is, in my opinion, the best. It?s known as The Lizard around here (winner of the 2004 CC Tokers Bowl). It gets big and silvery with lime green hairless-looking buds. The cross between the R and H is amazing ? almost as big as the Hashplant, but a lot sweeter and stinkier. We kept clones from the best of the tester seedlings. End-of-the-day kind of stone. Don?t try doing anything complicated after smoking this stuff.

Northern FlameNorthern FlameNorthern Flame

One of the most unique tasting and smelling strains in the room. It grew a nice long cola and produced a lot more than we expected. Very overpowering sativa high from this strain. We kept it for personal use! The peppery stink is unbelievable; too bad we only had one of these in the room. This comes from Secret Valley Seeds and has raised a lot of eyebrows around here lately.

Romulan MaxRomulan MaxRomulan Max

This was just a left over Romulan seedling from a batch at another house. We put this one lone seedling in the room and were lucky to get a very sweet female. This was the first plant I smoked, and one of the strongest.

Strawberry CoughStrawberry CoughStrawberry Cough

A thick smooth smoke from this strain. There?s a very silvery sparkle to the flowers, and it?s not too stinky. This is an East coast strain we had to try. Medium producer with a great buzz.

B.C. Big BangB.C. Big BangB.C. Big Bang

This hybrid is a big yielder, made from two famous B.C. production strains. The B.C. Big Bud mother and our F4 Grapefruit male made this cross a super vigorous plant. Last year we grew out a batch of Big Bang seeds and selected a clone for local sea of green growers. It?s so frosty and fruity smelling that Hashplant gardeners who have had a taste are starting to grow it instead.


Only tried growing this one a few times before. For a name like Bubblegum it wasn?t as fruity as I expected, but other than that it?s great. The buds are very dense and the plants are hardy and healthy.


One of our favorites for many years, this is a clone-only strain at this point. Very, very sweet strain originating from the Vancouver Island Seed Co. about 10 years back. It?s a great yielder and fruity as hell, and made famous in the B.C. interior. The cold really seems to bring out the delicious smell. We are about to test out some Northern Lights x Iggy bred by a friend of ours who has a decade of experience with these strains.

Rob`s SativaRob`s SativaRob’s Sativa

This was from a large batch of different Dutch sativa seedlings a friend started about a year back. We rejuvenated the best ones to try them out again. It was decent grass, but not a keeper. This will be the last time we use this clone.

The garage corner grow room went so well that eventually we turned the whole garage into a bud factory. Now we have ten 1000-watt lights, and this little budspace has been transformed into a nursery room to keep the bud rooms full of fresh, beautiful plants.Rob`s Sativa