The Diesel Breakdown

I write this in hopes of clearing the mass confusion on the Diesel lineage. I have the real story from the actual folks responsible for Diesel.

The Diesel came from a seed that was found in a bag of the insanely delicious Colorado Indica known as ChemDawg (Cannabible 2, page 46). Two friends met on a Grateful Dead tour in ?91 (thank you Jerry!), and a pound of the majestic ChemDawg ? whose own lineage is still somewhat of a mystery ? containing 12 seeds made its way to Massachusetts.

Diesel Outdoor MauiDiesel Outdoor MauiAs for the father of those seeds, this much is known: The person who had the ChemDawg in Colorado was growing only ChemDawg, so the father was probably a ChemDawg male or hermaphrodite. The seeds found in the legendary pound bag were grown out, and from this came some truly phenomenal ganja.

Sour Diesel Outdoor CaliSour Diesel Outdoor CaliAt this point, another good friend was met on a Phish tour (thanks boys!) and clones of the awesome ChemDawg offspring were passed on to this lucky new friend. The new growers, from New York City, didn’t like the name ChemDawg, so they started calling it The Diesel. This is the Diesel that some of us are lucky enough to know and love today. A couple of years later, a Super Skunk x Sensi Northern Lights was crossed with the newly named Diesel, and thus Headband, Daywrecker Diesel, and Diesel #1 (Cannabible 1, page 65) were created. Soon after that, a hermaphrodite Massachusetts Super Skunk pollinated the Diesel, and from the seeds created, the Sour Diesel was born. Then there’s OG Kush, which is a sister to Sour Diesel. Several newer crosses have been made by the original Massachusetts ChemDawg family, and they are featured here.

HeadbandHeadbandUnfortunately, Soma’s “NYC Diesel” barely, if at all, resembles the real Diesel. It has more of a citrus flavor, and is much weaker than the real Diesel. The thing that I love so much about the original Diesel and its hybrids is the aftertaste. Don’t get me wrong, the exhalation is almost orgasmic, but it’s after the smoke stops coming out that you notice a sour fuel flavor that just coats your entire mouth and throat. It’s freakin’ outrageous. I would smoke the real Diesel for just the taste even if it didn’t have THC ? which, by the way, it has massive amounts of.

Diesel Maui JungleDiesel Maui JungleThe lesson learned here is that we should all be very thankful to both The Grateful Dead and Phish, not only for their awesome music, but also for all the great connections that were made on their tours.

Sour Diesel Indoor OG soilSour Diesel Indoor OG soil

Chemdawg SisterChemdawg Sister

Diesel Outdoor CaliDiesel Outdoor Cali

Chem Dawg DChem Dawg D

Massachusetts Super SkunkMassachusetts Super Skunk




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  1. Anonymous on

    So Diesel came from an Indica… it’s generally considered a Sativa though. I’m skeptical about the specifics of these jam-band fan stories!
    Anyway, something called Sour Azalia popped up in rural countryside outside of Atlanta around 2007… an intense, trippy Diesel relative.