Tom Shapiro Vindicated: Gets Equipment Back

A plant from the legal gardenA plant from the legal gardenTom Shapiro was upbeat Thursday night. The Crown Attorney had dropped the charges against him and promised the return of his growing equipment.
“It’s here now,” an upbeat Shapiro told me. ” A couple of guys from the Saskachewan Marijuana Party helped me pick them up from the police station and we’re re-assembling things now.”

The Crown, however, opposed the return of the marijuana grown by Mr. Shapiro, who works as a sound man at Regina concert venues, because “he is legal now, but when that marijuana was grown, it was illegal,” the stubborn Fed prosector held out.

The judge said she would return March 1st to render a decision on whether Tom Shapiro should receive the return of his medicine.

It’s not all bad, Shapiro conceded, “The police returned my black pail with all my shake in it. Right now thats what I’ve got. So I guess I’ll get one of those 3-bag bubblebags and try my hand at bubblehash.”

Tom wanted to extend his thanks to everyone across Canada and in the Regina community who helped his story get exposure.