“Richard Calrisian” of Overgrow and Heaven’s Stairway Disappears

The owner of Heaven’s Stairway Seeds, CannabisWorld.com and Overgrow.com has apparently dropped his websites and businesses, and has taken off with everything.
No one knows who “Richard Calrisian” is. No one has come forward with information about the websites. There have been no busts, no arrests linked to the owners. The servers seem to be reachable, but are not hosting the websites anymore.

Was RC scared of being investigated? Did he want to stop paying for an enormous database of information (Overgrow.com)?

Everyone who sells seeds seems to be fleeing North America and going to Amsterdam, Switzerland, Spain, England – the far more progressive countries. They don’t want to be picked up by the USA or Canadian governments. Now that the Conservatives are elected in Canada, there’s far more risks for people operating marijuana enterprises.

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Updated on February 7th