The High Shamans of Soma

One sunny day in Lakeport, California I took an enjoyable smoke break along the sparkling shores of Clearlake. I was currently on my way to meet the authors of a book that can only be referred to as a mycological masterpiece. As I savored the last few puffs of a very strong joint of some local outdoor bud, I glanced down at my watch and realized that I had better get going. I did not want to be late to this meeting.
It was apparent by the large line of people waiting out front of the local bookstore that I had arrived. After fighting my way through the crowed to the front of the line, I approached the table that now held only a few remaining copiesof this most requested book. From behind the table I was greeted by three glowing faces with mystical smiles.

“Hello my name is Venus. How are you today?” said the woman. Quickly purchasing one of the last copies of their book Sacred Soma Shamans off the table in front of me, I replied, ?Much better now.? Venus then introduced me to her two sons Jayme and Mars.

The book Sacred Soma Shamans chronicles the exciting and magical real-Life adventures of Hawk, the High Shamans of Soma, as he and his wife, Venus and their two sons Jayme and Mars, research and live the ways of the Soma Shaman.

Soma is the given name of the Aminita Muscaria mushroom which is a healthy looking mushroom with a red cap adorned with white polka-dots. ?When properly picked, prepared and ingested by the correct methods using the right quantities, you not only get high but you can achieve a higher spiritual level of awareness? said Venus. She went on to explain that I should give her a call after I?ve finished the book.

Keeping my promise, I called her after some very enjoyable days of reading. Venus invited me to a meeting with her, Jayme, Mars and of course her husband Hawk, the High Shaman of Soma, later that week.

When I arrived I found Hawk, Venus, Jayme, and Mars sitting at a wooden picnic table under the outstretched arms of a wise old willow tree down by the lake. Hawk started out by explaining to me that he takes Soma mushrooms not only as his daily sacrament, but has also used the mushrooms as an enricher or healer of disease. ?My family and I have put twenty-six years of research, experimentation and use into the writings of this book and we know every aspect of Soma mushrooms.?

Venus joined in to explain that one of the main reasons that they chose to write this book was to share how to use Aminita Muscaria mushrooms safely and properly, while respecting the mushrooms. ?We did not want people to spend years making mistakes and possibly getting sick or even upsetting the energy of the mushrooms themselves. Safety is the issue.?

When asked what else he was trying to teach through his book Sacred Soma Shamans, Hawk replied, ?The spirit of God can be ingested in the cosmic substance of Soma. You see, I?ve found that if you can calm your mind and train your spirit, then you can be ready to accept the blessings of God within your soul. I don?t claim Soma is absolutely for everyone. It?s strictly for those that love it.?

Hearing this, I told Hawk that I also love and admire the Soma and the blessings that Soma brings. Precisely at the moment, Hawk jumped up from the table and wandered off down a wooded trail, soon returning with what looked like some sort of holy vessel in one hand and a set of glasses in the other. Proudly pouring equal quantities of some sort of elixir into the glasses, Hawk calmly said that ever since the summer of 1999, he has taken Soma as a sacrament daily in one way or another. He goes on to say that there is more than one way to consume Soma. Depending on weather you eat the mushrooms wet or dry, completely different highs can be obtained.

After drinking my portion of this magical elixir, I felt happy, warm and energetic. My perception of my surroundings became much sharper. When I inquired about his beliefs on marijuana, Hawk was quick to smile and say that marijuana has a strong female energy and of earthly nature, while Soma mushrooms are of male energy and heavenly in nature. Because of this relationship, both Soma mushrooms and marijuana are fully compatible. Their highs seem to compliment each other. While Soma lifts you to the heavens, marijuana helps plant your feet back on the earth.

Jayme and Mars tell me that there is something that they both would like to show me, so we wandered to a nearby house where I was shown another of their family?s projects pertaining to Soma mushrooms: an extraordinary DVD giving not only more insight into the uses of Soma, but visually showing some places Soma mushrooms might be found and how they appear in nature. The footage of live Soma mushrooms out in nature is absolutely beautiful and it is impossible not to appreciate Venus, in the film, explaining her tasty and magical methods of preparing the potion that I drank earlier. The unbelievably descriptive imagery on the DVD titled Secrets of Soma is definitely breathtaking, and many helpful facts and tips on the safe use of Soma mushrooms add to its content.

Back out at the picnic table, we passed a joint around the ceremonial circle as Venus shared some of her artwork with us. Her art can not only be seen on the cover of the book Sacred Soma Shamans and throughout its pages, but can also be seen decorating the cover of the DVD Secrets of Soma.

Sometimes after Venus eats Soma mushrooms, she goes into a trance in which she produces these great works of art, many times not realizing what she is painting until she examines the picture after she is completely finished. She always seems to end of with really detailed paintings of Soma mushrooms in both natural settings and woven through mythical scenes of wizards, fairies and unicorns. All of her pictures are remarkable.

With our meeting coming to a close, I took the time to thank Hawk and his family of Soma Shamans for the wonderful book and DVD. It was very nice that instead of duplicating his book on DVD, they chose to further inform and answer any questions that the reader might be left with. Between the book and the DVD, absolutely anyone interested in Soma mushrooms will know how to safely use them. Also contained inside both are antidotes in case someone ingests too many Soma mushrooms.

Hawk, Venus, Jayme and Mars thanked me for the interview, once again reminding me that the information that they are sharing is not to encourage irresponsible or dangerous behavior, but to show how you can have a lot of fun safely and responsibly. I echo to them that I agree. It?s always best to be safe. Exactly, Hawk says, pointing out to me that Soma mushrooms are currently legal almost everywhere on earth, with the two exceptions of Israel and Louisiana.

In this writers opinion, Sacred Soma Shamans is the most comprehensive and complete book on using the sacred Soma mushroom in the field. Hawk and Venus?s observations may very well be to mycology and culture as great of a discovery as Gordon Wasson?s discovery of Psilocybe Mexicana in 1957.

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Photos: Jayme
Illustrations: Venus