We Love Bongs And Such in Calgary!

Cards for messages to MarcCards for messages to MarcAfter my arrest and bust in late July by Canadian police and DEA, the hemp stores Bongs And Such in Calgary, Alberta immediately wanted to help.
Bongs And Such owners Nick and Jackie Lauritsen and Bill Hillis had their two locations dedicate a wall to fundraising, where the store mascot “The Dude” beckons customers to make a contribution to the BC3 Survival Fund. When customers made a donation of a dollar or more, they filled out a “Free Marc Emery” card, and pinned it on the wall beside “The Dude”.

Eventually, the two walls were filled with over 300 cards, and there were about 200 other contributions of loonies, toonies, or five-dollar bills. By October, the stoners and owners of Bongs And Such sent the BC3 a total of $1,125! And then, they sent out more just before Christmas. And that?s not all!

They’re holding an awesome fundraising raffle. Bill Hillis explained that “donations eventually slow down over time, so we decided to up the ante. We’re raffling off a Volcano vaporizer, worth $800 CN ($670 US), for $2 a ticket. The draw is on 4/20 (April 20th) 2006, which seems like a fine day to give away a prize of this value.”

A wall of support, with The Dude mascotA wall of support, with The Dude mascotSo we send out a very grateful Thank You from Greg Williams, Marc Emery & Michelle Rainey! We LOVE the people at Bongs And Such!

Visit their store, or send messages and raffle money to:

Bongs And Such
214-2066 18th Ave. NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 8N5

And visit the second location at:

4829 Macleod Trail SW.
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 0A7

If you can?t show your stoned self in person, check out their BongsAndSuch.com website!