Pot Puzzler

1 The place where the song boasts of those bombs bursting the air.
2 The Prince
3 Sneaker; big cat.
4 If toking students didn’t have to go so far from school to get high, they might not tend to be so _____ from time to time.
5 “No one should go to jail for an _____”; a thought.
6 Famous Boxer ‘Mohammed ___’ was also a fighter for racial equality and equal rights.
7 Though seed sales were lucrative, Emery has been too much of a philanthropist to live as a _____ man (as the DEA claims).
8 Detest; despise; how tokers feel about the so-called ‘war on marijuana’.
9 Shaddocks, grapefruits ? ‘Mikado’, winning pot at 2005 Toker’s Bowl, highlights this taste.
10 If we allow Canadians to be extradited to the USA for breaking laws that are not enforced in Canada, it will be the beginning of a sad new ____; time period.
11 Bush and ideologues like him think toking is a ___. A moral offence.
12 A ______ party includes Roman style garb and a plentiful supply of euphoriants.
13 If they’ll only smoke “the best pot”. Pot _____.
14 Pulpit; the modern equivalent to what used to be a cannabis-oil covered altar.
15 We are all waiting for the day when prohibition ____.
16 He wanted to get high with no pipes or papers, so he just ____ his stash.
18 The man who gained the most from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
21 Nativity scene of a cannabis-oil ‘annointed one’ (Messiah, Christ), with figurines and statues.
27 ___ Garfunkel has been charged twice for marijuana possession.
29 The US ‘___ on drugs’ is a failure.
31 Most popular lighter brand name.
34 Jeanne C. Riley sang ‘Harper Valley ___’
35 Captain _____ Hornblower’s ship was laden with hemp sails.
37 Don’t share a joint with someone who has “_____ throat” unless you already have this infection.
38 _______ is a doctor on TV who is always taking painkillers but should be smoking pot. He’s so grouchy.
39 If you possess that makes you the ______.
40 A medical patient with pot can go to jail in the USA for a longer period of time than someone who commits blatant ____; mailicious burning.
41 You cook in it; in you, it ‘cooks’ you.
42 Dry crisp bread.
44 Radioactive gas.
46 Classic stories (often of battles).
47 Italian physicist ‘Enrico ____’ was responsible for the US hydrogen bomb program.
48 With constant repetition, drug-war propaganda slowly ___ into our brains; Oozes.
50 Experienced stoner-drivers know better than to ‘put the ___ to the metal’.
51 A sharp, angled path. In the ancient period, Masada resistance fighters retreated through these as a security measure.
53 An official national political party in Canada that favors legalization and regulation.
56 Harm reduction ideas are on the right _____, but only legalization will solve all the problems created by prohibition.
57 north by east (abbr.)
63 Viewed; wood cutting tool.
64 The fiber from hemp is far stronger than the fiber in a ____ of cotton and does not require the pesticides that cotton crops need.
66 A vault; a proven fact about the chronic use of marijuana
68 In the Movie “Ghost”, it is what Patrick Swayze would say to Demi Moore: instead of “I love you”s.
69 A joint rolled with a paper covered in cannabis resin extract; a hockey player from Edmonton.
71 A person must think and decide for _____ about recreational drug choices.
72 Modern slang for ‘disrespect’; prohibition causes this regarding law and its enforcement; God of the underworld (equivalent of Pluto) and the name of his realm.
74 An expression of shock, “What the ___!”; twins, pairs
75 “Key ____”; means ‘slow’; also a Bogart movie with Bacall.
76 Indoor gardens use carbon filters to cover these up; aromas
77 Aboriginal residents of Mexico who created some of the world’s first psychedelic art.
78 The nation with the yin&yang flag.
79 You can listen to a ___ on the radio and watch a quarterback get ___ by a linebacker on TV football and then take a ___ off your bong.
80 Adapting to and serving the needs of someone; to provide food; (cannabis does both of these definitions).
81 Smoking marijuana is a ____ occurrence at Vancouver rallies..
82 The Bubble Man (of Bubble Bags fame) informs us that each size of trichrome (bud crystal) has a unique ___ (profile, proportion) of cannabinoids, thus allowing for the creation of custom-designed med-hashish!
83 Chief target of American extradition from his home in Canada.
85 Possessive pronoun (3rd person singular, masculine)
87 The precedent-setting extradition of Marc Emery and associates must be stopped for the ___ of every free and independent Canadian citizen in the country.
93 “Mister”; a knight’s title.
96 A fish-eating bird.
98 A female deer, a buck’s mate.
99 A core member of the army; the war on drugs pits citizen vs. ____.
101 To get attendance at any protest rally, one must distribute a lot of these.
103 When Jack Layton ___ in the last election, Marc Emery spent thousands on pro-NDP literature (like clue 101 above).
105 Marijuana has been used for centuries as a specifi c remedy for ___ and cold symptoms.
107 Everyone of us ___ part of the cannabis culture.
109 Home harbour dock where weed smuggling ships moor.
111 A broad neck scarf (worn like a neck tie); a famous racetrack in Berkshire England.
112 Tommy ____ was the main target of “Operation Pipe Dream” in the USA.
113 Canada has the best ___ in the world; young flowers.
114 Marijuana that is growing tends to ___ a strong and distinctive scent.
115 Weed in a wheat field. Although marijuana is called ‘weed’, it is not a ___ because it increases wheat yields when used as a rotation crop.
117 Vaporizers like the ‘Volcano’ are ‘high-____’ harm-reduction devices that work.
118 People have been getting high on pot since the time that we lived like the people in the movie “___ of the Cave Bear”. If you spell this word with a ‘K’ you’re probably a racist!
119 “Grey”, “Stanley” and “Cannabis” are all names for ____; these are awarded as trophies.
120 “Marijuana is an ___; Bush is a dope!”
121 Charge, cost, an expense for service.
123 Director (abbr.).
124 Bubble Bags use ___ to make trichromes (‘crystals’) brittle so they break off and separate easier.
126 The lion of the Zodiac. What cyber citizens called police.
128 Tint, colorize.


1 Baseball arbiter.
4 Jeweled headdress.
9 Annoyances in the garden.
14 This is the agency (abbr.) that has instigated the extradition request against Marc Emery, Greg Williams, and Michelle Rainey
17 Non Jewish (tribe of Benjamin) first king of Israel; the real first name of ‘apostle Paul’.
19 Improvise a speech, ‘off the cuff’; protest rally leaders and politicians must be fluent in this communication skill.
20 A specifi c constellation that happens to include a nebula on its ‘belt’.
21 The essence of ‘prohibition’ (a contraction).
22 The war on drugs has turned our police force into an occupying _____.
23 The restricted freedoms of a police-state and the world-dominating style of the current American administration is strikingly similar to a fourth ____ (Nazi-controlled era of rule).
24 Tropical fruit; a variety of cannabis.
25 A monitoring program run by police to ‘reduce impaired drivers everywhere’ but often is just a police state tactic to interrogate drivers.
26 Cannabis Culture magazine used to be called Cannabis _____ magazine.
28 Hockey’s “greatest” in the days before helmets, “Mr. Hockey” a.k.a., Gordie ____.
30 Mother Superior.
32 Keep them moist – don’t let pot seedlings get too ___;
33 Civil liberties freedom fighter, ____ Nader.
36 You ___ your dog on a grow room ripper!
37 It is a sensible harm-reduction policy to make available a ‘gallery’ where needle users can go to “___ up”.
40 A spring month (abbr.).
43 Adjustments to this helicopter blade allow it to travel in a quiet ‘whisper’ mode; rotating engine part; this word is an example of a palindrome.
45 Cooks, chiefs of the kitchen staff.
49 Smaller than a city. In Europe, a ___ could not become a city until it had built a cathedral!
50 Come out of the closet! Pot smokers should be ____, not ashamed of their reasonable adult choice.
52 If you don’t have a baggie when you need it, you might try using this type of wrap.
54 A dueling sword.
55 Vote NDP when they ___ for office to help get pot legalized.
56 “Leans upon” (2 words).
58 People who can’t focus attention easily have this disorder (abbr.) which is managed more successfully by pot users; the opposite of substract.
59 Rage, fury, anger.
60 Easterly compass point
61 Drug war propaganda is much ___ about nothing.
62 A Vancouver island Seed Company strain. The Soviet secret police.
63 Its time to ___ the war on weed.
64 The Pot Block in Vancouver is home to the ____ Bookstore.
65 The ancient ____ empire is now occupied by the countries of Iraq and Iran.
67 The ____ Commission recommended legalization of cannabis back in the Trudeau era.
69 The BC Marijuana Party Headquarters is like an ____ in the desert of a prohibitionist world.
70 Complete, entire. Hemp seed protein has ___ twenty of the amino acids that the human body needs ___ in one source!
71 A lyric poem.
73 ___ Jimo is a place where many lives were sacrificed to keep freedom in the world.
74 A Morse Code dot.
75 ‘ That pothead just _____ around the house’ is what you heard your mother say about your stoner friend.
78 Legal Sunday-shopping, choice at the newsstand and fi ghting prohibition are examples of how Marc Emery has been ‘a ____ in shining armour’ in the political battle for liberty and individual freedom.
80 Pot-smoking society comprises its own ___. To grow or cultivate.
84 An edge tool used to cut and shape wood. You’ve never heard of this term but it’s in the dictionary.
85 Outdoor growers need their ___.
86 Possessive pronoun (3rd person, singular, neutral gender).
88 The highest (and lowest) playing card.
89 “Surface to air missile” or “surface to air marijuana”.
90 Let mature bud dry out so it won’t ___.
91 American Tax Agency (abbr.) that is often used to harass individuals and companies that the government doesn’t have enough evidence against to formally prosecute.
92 A slang term for a type of ‘weed’ that really gets you high; Bread crisper.
94 North American tribal nation.
95 Marijuana Man’s first name.
97 Plant the _____ of Freedom, Overgrow the Government.
100 Pot smoker Willie Nelson sings of “nothing but blue ___”
101 Many people believe that it would not be possible for Marc Emery and associates to get ‘a ___ trial’ in the USA under their rules.
102 This grouch on Sesame Street needs a joint; a prized statue for an actor/actress; Felix and ___ are an ‘odd couple’.
104 Distant, far off socially, unapproachable.
106 Because politicians hate to admit it when they do this, the ill-advised prohibition of drugs has been hard to correct.
107 A mixture (usually used in reference to metals).
108 To bust someone or to apprehend someone.
110 A ‘wise guy’ is ‘a good ___’ – these characters are underground profiteers of the prohibition world.
112 to weep; to shout out.
113 Chris ____, manager of PotTV, might lose his wife (Rene Boje) to an American extradition attempt!
116 “All we are is ___ in the wind”; fine dirt after well flushed pot is smoked.
118 Chong’s partner.
121 The combustion of marijuana creates an aromatic ____; smoke; vapour.
122 More than one radius (e.g., an ellipse).
125 Large stringed instrument.
127 Eventually the US government ___ the day that they brought in alcohol prohibition; expressed regret or remorse; showed penitence.
129 Marc Emery’s task at Cannabis Culture magazine; rewrite; revise.
130 Freedom can be lost in a ___!; to secure by hempen rope, or to lash a hempen sail (nautical term).
131 To go to Amsterdam from Vancouver, you have to cross an _______ .
132 Perky, agile, quick, full of life ? pot can make you feel this way!
133 4:20 is three hours earlier in this time zone (abbr.) than it is in Vancouver.
134 Jack ____, author of the classic book, “?the Emperor Has No Clothes”; a variety of marijuana (named after the above author).
135 Water-proof sandal; footwear like Jesus; a scanty and sexy lady’s garment.
136 South by east (abbr.).

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Third Prize: A Space Case Metal Bud Grinder.

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