Jason King Favorite

This new offering from Dutch Flowers is truly awesome. A gently squeezed nugget releases an olfactory explosion of tropical flavors reminiscent of pina colada, pineapple, and pink guava. There is also a hazy undertone more exotic than the typical Amsterdam haze.
When smoked, the flavor is markedly different: thick, tangy, and pungent. On exhalation, the flavor is brilliantly complex and unique. Some descriptive words are pink, spicy, tropical, exotic, mint, menthol, cherry cough syrup, putrid, astringent. As I said, it’s quite complex.

The flavors continually change throughout a joint, but all are desirable. Lingering on the palate after smoking are delicious pungent and musty flavors. The high from this haze hybrid is stunning as well: a neardebilitating euphoria was followed by a very strong, but manageable, thinking-type buzz, great for music or art.

The lineage of Metal Haze ? which was named for the metal-lit room that keeps this haze collection alive ? is a sativa lover’s dream come true. Dutch Flowers worked on this spectacular haze project for many years. Male offspring were grown out to find the best possible pollen sources. This pollen was then crossed with the best haze females.

The offspring of the second generation that displayed the desired potency, phenotype, flowering and yield traits were identified and inbred into separate lines. Three years after the project began, the resulting lines were finally combined, giving rise to a hybrid that is truly spectacular. They have created an incredibly potent and deliciously brain-warping haze that is suitable for indoor or outdoor growing.

I must give praise to Dutch Flowers for this achievement. To be honest, I am usually bored by the constant re-shuffling of Dutch strains. But Metal Haze is a true breeding achievement, and any sativa lover should really check this one out.

These samples were grown organically outdoors organically in Humboldt, California.