Holiday Stoner Gift Guide

Bong BuddyBong BuddyIt’s the gift-giving season, and there’s nothing like sharing a puff and presents with the people you love!
Big and small, pricey and cheap, here are some goodies for the cannaphile in your life who doesn’t quite have everything. Please note that the prices indicated are in US currency.

The Original Buddy
This is a great new invention. In combination with cleaning liquid, the magnetic scrubber tool cleaned all the impossible-to-reach places of my bong I could never get to. It’s surprisingly simple and very effective, so I give Original Buddy a big thumbs up. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer! Comes in different colors, like hot pink for your hot girlfriend. Retail priced around $10.

Hot BoxHot BoxHot Box Vaporizer
When we first saw this new vaporizer, we had low expectations. How good could it be? It’s basically a ceramic tile box, a tube, and a mouthpiece. Well, despite being accustomed to the Volcano, our test group was surprised by the very effective yet simplistic nature of the Hot Box. The vapor was fresh, powerful, and full of flavor. It was a direct, clean hit of pure THC. I immediately got my own Hot Box for home. It’s a great gift, especially for your non-smoking cannabis fan! Retail priced around $200.

The Veg-a-pipe
As seen in our CC issue 56 review, the Veg-a-pipe is almost a stoner essential. At any time, in any place, you can construct a pipe out of almost any kind of fruit or vegetable. Travelers, tourists, students, and closet-tokers alike can all make use of the basic inconspicuous tools. If you aren’t able to invest in a glass pipe or quality smoking device, be sure to pick up this super handy kit. Another awesome stocking stuffer! Priced around $8 – $10.

Extractor 1000
It’s quite a production compared to the original hashmaking Bubblebags or the Bubbleator, and it’s pricey at $750, but it did produce the tastiest full-melt bubblehash of any method we tried. The blender appliance that is part of the Extractor 1000 is a bit awkward to use, and overall, it’s not as convenient as other hash extracting methods, but the results are very sweet and nearly worth the trouble.

No Extradition teesNo Extradition teesTemp Gun
Ranged in price from $25 to $45 depending on the size and features, these temp guns can measure the heat leaking out of your grow room. They allow you to make improvements, preventing detection by police using thermal imaging technology.

No Extradition t-shirts
If you want to buy a gift that can support Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey, and Greg Williams in their fight against extradition to the USA, this is the item to get! The shirts are made of comfortable cotton. They are available in red, bright green, black or white. You can also get girls’ fitted tees in comfortable stretch cotton. Available in red, pink, black or gray. The familiar “No Extradition” logo is featured on the front ? guaranteed to be a conversation starter! Express your love of cannabis and freedom by sporting this t-shirt, and help raise funds for the legal battle in the process! $29 each.

The Koota Game
“The most exciting and fun board game to be released since Woodstock,” reads the website, “the Koota Game has it all ? psychedelic artwork, massive tri-fold gaming area and more action and laughs than any other game!” It’s about pot, but the game has enough warnings on the box to induce a bout of paranoia: “Smoking is a health hazard”, “The bongs and cones referred to in this game are for tobacco use only; the Koota is a completely fictitious herb, any resemblance to other combustibles is entirely co-incidental.” Takes away some of the fun, we think. Priced at $35 – $45

Reefer magnetsReefer magnetsReefer Magnets
These magnets, available for $2 each, show your love for cannabis. They feature quotes, cartoons, buds, and funny one-liners. Stick them on your fridge, in your school locker, in the bathroom stall at work ? wherever they’ll go! Perfect, cheap, and fun gifts for your bud buddies. (Hilarious dress-up George W. Bush magnet set available online too!)

Volcano vaporizerVolcano vaporizerThe Volcano
Absolutely the top-of-the line when it comes to vaporizers. With German technology and a 3-year warranty, you are guaranteed to be satisfied ? and totally impressed ? by the efficiency and effectiveness of the Volcano. It has been featured at every major cannabis event, and is a mainstay of most pot-related establishments. Medicinal marijuana users have found it to be one of the best ways to ingest their cannabis, and the vapor bag also enables groups of friends to enjoy their marijuana recreationally. A wonderful gift for anyone! $725.

Suru Board
This is a very good concept. Instead of attempting to roll joints on a floppy magazine or a small CD cover, you can comfortably lay back with a cushioned rolling tray on your lap. The solid wooden top, with grooves for holding herb or finished joints, is fixed to a bean-bag-like pillow that conforms to whatever surface you have to use. There are secret side pockets for papers or lighters, and you can’t go wrong with the classy fabric and color choices! At only $30, this is a steal for serious smokers.

BUSTED! The Book by Chris Fabricant
Marc was reading this sobering book when he was busted by the DEA on July 29! It’s a terrific read on several levels. For those involved in the “mother business”, it details exactly what you need to know to understand the legal consequences of being a drug user or supplier. On another level, you are horrified to see how much of a police state the USA has become. New York criminal lawyer Fabricant is in no way sentimental, but painfully candid. Robert Crumb cartoons provide wry gallows humor to the most essential book released for our culture in recent times. Get this! $15.

The Bubbleator
Looks like a sleek, contemporarily designed vacuum cleaner that takes very little space. A beautiful appliance that extracts the trichomes off cold, dry pot plants. Very light and portable, with good results. Comes in indoor and outdoor models. $275 usd. Available in 110 volt North American models now exclusively through Green Harvest.

Legalize bandsLegalize bandsLegalize Wristbands
Marijuana lovers unite! By sporting this soft, comfortable green wristband, imprinted with the word “Legalize” and two pot leaf icons, you are supporting marijuana people and reform all over the globe. Many activists in the marijuana movement wear these as a sign of solidarity. You too should proudly don the green band of freedom. A portion of the $5 cost (or less when bought in bulk for rallies and events) is donated to the legal defense fees of the BC3, thanks to the generosity of the distributor!

Bud Inc.Bud Inc.Bud Inc. by Ian Mulgrew
This book is the denitive, inside story of the BC Bud Revolution by Vancouver Sun newspaper crimes and courts reporter Ian Mulgrew. Mulgrew got great access and startling candor from a fascinating cast of characters. Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey, Da Kine, Reeferman; all your friends are there! Fun stuff. And the lesson in the end? We’re just ordinary great folks. Released Canada-wide on November 8th, 2005. HarperCollins publishing, $35 hardcover.

Boutique Woodstock’s holiday gift combo
When you buy this handy digital scale ? to make sure you’re getting the buds you paid for, or for splitting up your stash with your friends ? you get a beautiful glass pipe with it! And when you buy two scale-and-pipe sets, you get two free stash case grinders! For only $80 a set, this is a sweet deal.

Nibus Clothing’s Hemp Undies
Just out! The most frilly, soft, coy underthings you could imagine, from Nibus. See our centrefold to have a peek at the best girly delicates for this winter. Even the thong is soft yummy hemp! Many varieties of styles and colors make these terrific gifts ? everybody wins!

The Voodoo Digital Vaporizer
The coolest looking gift you’ll ever give a cannaphile is the Voodoo Kit. The packaging alone is very impressive. It’s nice to know our industry has got this far. The Voodoo Kit is an industrial strength version of the Vapir One 3.0 Vaporizer plus a big kit full of accessories, add-ons, instructional discs, inhalation bags. It’s one of the top vaporizers on the market with the potential to entertain many at once. Fun to give this slick box of goodies; great vaporizer to boot.

If you want more ideas and products, visit the BC Marijuana Party Bookstore online! Clothing, books, vaporizers, and more. Check it out!