It’s time for you to join the NDP

If you want to live in a Canada which is strong and free, a nation which resists American imperialism and rejects the war on drugs, then you must absolutely support Canada’s New Democratic Party in this federal election.
Canada is in the midst of a federal election, and when this election is over there will remain four parties in Parliament. For most Canadians, the choice is between the Conservatives, the Liberals and the NDP. It is vital to the future of our country that the NDP have as many seats as possible.

This is a time of change in the Canadian political scene. The Liberals have become discredited and their political dominance continues to drop. Yet the Conservatives have failed to produce policies which resonate with a majority of Canadians. With Quebec dominated so completely by the Bloc Quebecois, it will be difficult for any party to secure a solid majority.

It is likely that Canada will have a succession of minority governments until a new stability is achieved. During this period of political restructing there is an unprecendented opportunity for the NDP to make dramatic political gains.

There are many regions in Canada where the NDP has a very good chance of picking up more seats. Although the NDP is unlikely to form government in this election, it is well-positioned for growth over the coming years, and will certainly continue to play a very key role in government.

Parties on the drug war

For those of us who see Canada’s drug war as a major campaign issue, there is no other choice than the NDP. Canada’s NDP has been firm in their stand against prohibition for many years, and Jack Layton has repeatedly articulated his views in support of ending the drug war.

In comparison, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has said that if his party gains power, he would shut down Vancouver’s safe injection site and introduce two-year mandatory minimums for most drug traffickers. Harper most ominously declared a two year mandatory minimum for marijuana growers as well. This will fill the jails and devastate the cannabis culture in unprecedented ways.

Liberal leader Paul Martin prefers to play both sides of the fence, claiming that he will “decriminalize” marijuana with a bill that will actually widen the possession net and also double the maximum penalties for cultivation and sale of pot.

Only the NDP backs a sane and realistic pot policy. The NDP campaign has not yet brought out their formal crime and justice platform. However, in a December 9 interview Jack Layton once again made it clear that the federal NDP backs a non-punitive system that includes “rules around marijuana use, personal use, age, driving, trafficking, mass production and marketing.”

End Prohibition with eNDProhibition

I have been a marijuana activist for all of my adult life. I ran for the Canadian Marijuana Party in 2000, and for the BC Marijuana Party in 2001. In 2003 I joined the NDP, and I have been happy with the response I have received from within the party.

In order to support Jack Layton and other federal NDP leaders in their firm position against the drug war, I have formed a group called eNDProhibition, the anti-prohibition wing of the NDP. eNDProhibition also serves to encourage Canada’s various provincial NDP parties to back the federal NDP stance.

I urge any Canadian who recognizes the harms caused by the global drug war to join the NDP, and also join eNDProhibition. By joining the NDP and working inside the party, we can help to elect as many NDP MPs as possible, and also ensure that the party maintains its strong position against the drug war.

Jack Layton December 9 interview


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