U.S. Lawmakers consider ‘Drug Testing Integrity Act of 2005’

U.S. Congress in sessionU.S. Congress in sessionOn June 8, 2005 U.S. Representative Eliot L. Engel(D) NY, introduced into congress a bill that proposes a prohibition on the “manufacture, marketing, sale, or shipment in interstate commerce of products designed to assist in defrauding a drug test”.
Testimony before Congress during the past year has reached a high pitch of hysteria in labeling the act of cheating on a drug test as everything from a “threat to national security” to the equivalent of “premeditated assault or murder”.

According to Kenneth D Tunnell, author of Pissing on Demand, “The drug testing industry is highly profitable and contributes markedly to the national economy. One latent consequence of this industry’s emergence is its impact on the rise of its antithesis – a fragmented detox industry composed of several companies manufacturing products designed to generate false negative test results”.

For an inside view of the situation, Cannabis Culture talked to an entrepreneur whose products would be declared illegal under the new legislation: Dennis Rossiter, designer and marketer of the Pass-it-Kit.

Dennis told us his story, discussed the current situation and provides us with an analysis of current trends in drug testing.

Pass-it-kit seller Dennis warns about a whole new threat from drug-testing — the idea that, in addition to being used to determine whether a person has ingest an illicit substance, the tests are increasingly being used to check compliance in cases of government-mandated forced drugging.

Dennis was born in the heartland of America in White City Kansas.

The first major transition in his life occurred when he moved from Kansas to Las Vegas, Nevada and found Sin City to be nothing at all like White City. Truly he wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

U.S. Congress in sessionBut the transition from rural to urban was not to be the most significant influence on Dennis’ thinking during his formative years. The date Dennis cites as a major turning point in his point of view is April 19 1993.

Bill Clinton was president, Janet Reno was Attorney General and the ATF killed people in Waco, TX (near the Bush ranch in Crawford). (For more information on the Waco Massacre see An Unofficial Account of the Waco Incident from the Cato Institute.)

Dennis watched in horror.

“It was then on April 19 1993 that I witnessed the most awful and outrageous act I had ever seen in my life. The planned murder and cover up of innocent Christian Americans at the hands of the federal government?”

In addition to his being horrified by the spectacle of the Federal Government slaughtering innocent civilians, Dennis was also shocked by what he saw as a pervasive media bias in support of these actions.

“It showed me how media could change truth and history to fit evils’ agenda.”

In disgust Dennis turned off his television, turned on the internet and never looked back.

“I spent a few years educating myself in factual information and turned from the TV and its operation mind crime. In a few years you can learn a hundred times more on the Internet than in 12 years of public school.”

Like many of his fellow citizens, Dennis was outraged by a Federal Government that had no qualms about carrying out a military-type assault against civilians.

Unlike many of his fellow citizens, Dennis was not taken in by the presidential campaign of Texas Governor George Bush. While Bush shamelessly co-opted the libertarian platform and made promises of small government that he never intended to keep, Dennis was concerned with the fact that Bush had carried out forced mental-health evaluation and drugging of school children in Texas under the Texas Medication Algorithm Project.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Den developed the Pass-It-Kit, a product that would eventually that would eventually help thousands of people avoid getting slammed by Uncle Sam.

First came the proto-type.

The Pass-It-KitThe Pass-It-Kit“With my working in the medical field I was familiar and had access to bagging, tubing, and clamps and an idea. One night at work I put it together in my head and built it in about 10 minutes.”

Dennis then compared the proto-type to other products and refined the design with the aim of creating a superior product.

“I then looked around and found a couple of other devices in the cannabis magazines and decided to leave it simple as possible and as effective as possible. This meant leaving out the gimmicks and strap-ons. Flat, light weight, one hand drains it fast and the damn thing really works. The Fake It is the most amazing stuff, when you first use it you feel like you got one over on ‘the man’. It’s called freedom.”

While Dennis was glad see his business growing steadily, it was by no means a path to sudden riches.

“It took about a year before I could quit the second full time job I was killing my self with.”

And now Dennis is facing the prospect of having his small business criminalized by the U.S. Federal Government.

To view the bill, enter bill number “H.R. 2802” into the search engine at thomas.loc.gov.

For more information on the forced drugging of children see
Psycho Feds Target Children by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

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