Bad timer, two weeks to go

The timer on my light toasted and the light was on continuously for three days. Before the light accident the plants had only two weeks of flowering until ripening. Should I harvest immediately or continue to flower them out?
Webcan Man,

The accident has set the plants back a week or ten days but it has not ruined the buds. It may have given them a little stretch.

Tom Flowers claimed that this can be used to advantage. He claimed that it gives the buds a last surge of growth before energy is switched to ripening.

If this had occurred earlier in the flowering cycle it might have caused some of the plants to hermaphrodite, but at this late stage in the flowers’ growth, that is highly unlikely.

Turn the light back to its original cycle of 12-12. After a few days, the plants will reverse any vegetative signals they detected during the accident.

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