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eNDProhibition!eNDProhibition!Canada’s NDP is our nation’s only hope for legal marijuana and an end to the drug war. I joined the NDP in 2003, and since then I have been working to support their pro-legalization policy. I have created a group called eNDProhibition, which is the anti-prohibitionist wing of the NDP. I urge all Canadians who oppose the drug war to formally join the NDP and work for the party in the coming federal election.
Canada’s NDP has earned the support of Canadian pot-people. The federal NDP has consistently backed legal marijuana and ending the drug war. Party Leader Jack Layton and Deputy Leader Libby Davies have both repeatedly spoken out in support of Vancouver activist Marc Emery.

Yet although Canada’s federal NDP has openly supported legalization for a long time, most of Canada’s provincial NDP parties still support the drug war. This has created bizarre situations in previous years, where the federal NDP’s Deputy Leader, Libby Davies, would be in the media supporting an end to pot prohibition, while BC NDP Premier Ujjal Dosanjh would simultaneously be speaking out against legalization.

The NDP is the only political party in Canada where membership in the federal party automatically gives you membership in your provincial NDP, and vice versa. On most other issues the provincial and federal wings of the party have the same view, but the drug war is an issue which splits the party. For example, while the Ontario NDP have been strong supporters of ending marijuana prohibition, the BC and Saskatchewan NDP have traditionally supported the drug war.

Therefore, a large part of the mission of eNDProhibition is to resolve this disparity, and to push all the provincial NDP parties to adopt the same cannabis policy as the federal party.

NDP leader Jack LaytonNDP leader Jack LaytonBC NDP POLICY CONVENTION

The BC NDP will be having a major convention in November, which will include debate and votes on various aspects of the party’s official policy. Policy resolutions can be passed by Provincial NDP Constituency Associations, and these are then vetted and edited by a committee before potentially being debated and voted on at the convention.

As part of my efforts, I created a draft resolution which called for the BC NDP to adopt the same “non-punitive” cannabis policy as the federal NDP. This resolution has now been passed in three BC NDP Constituency Associations, and may be passed in two others. This widespread support gives the resolution a better chance of making it into the convention, and becoming part of the official BC NDP policy.


If you enjoy marijuana, then Canada’s NDP is the only party which doesn’t want to punish you for your personal choice. I urge all members of Canada’s marijuana culture to follow the link below and formally join the federal NDP.

As a party member you can participate in setting the party policy and choosing candidates, as well as volunteering to help out during election campaigns. If Canada’s cannabis community signs up with the NDP then we can ensure that they remain a strong voice to protect our culture and our people from the ongoing tyranny of punishment and prison for our personal social, spiritual and medicinal choice.

Flyers made by Marc Emery (signed by Jack!)Flyers made by Marc Emery (signed by Jack!)Once you have formally joined the NDP, please contact me at [email protected] and let me know about yourself. Together, we can build a national network of active NDP members and coordinate our efforts.

Canada is in a period of political change, and it seems likely that there will be a succession of minority governments. I believe that Canada’s federal NDP is poised upon the brink of great electoral success, and it is vital for our cause and our movement that we work to support the party, and help change Canada for the better.

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