Afghani Bullrider

A little background on Jef Tek
I use love and common sense in everything I do. People who don?t know me ask what the ?Tek? means; people who know me don?t ask because they just get it.

It is a subtle mechanical finesse; a fine tuning or tweaking that makes everything work. Af ter I get something, whether it?s a radio-controlled, gas-powered monster truck, or a used Ford Explorer, it will be ?Jef-tekked? ? it will last longer, and perform better than the identical product.

I try to combine all my interests, and this is how I wound up growing and showing. I love to grow buds, and show buds, and write about buds, and help others grow buds. I have more than ten grow shows on Pot-TV that have been seen twenty thous and times; that means people might be inspired to grow their own, or to vote to legalize medical marijuana, or to start a compassion club to help others in need.

I know that marijuana has enriched so many lives for so long that it is absolutely ridiculous for a plant to be against any kind of law, anywhere, anyhow.

Do your part to end prohibition!

When I was living in California, this strain was brought to me in plastic cups and infested with whiteflies. The little plants were 6 inches tall, budding, with single-bladed leaves running the entire length.

I had clones of good strains all over my place, and the last thing I really needed was a potential infestation or more genetics to keep track of. But, I dipped the plants in Einstein oil mixed with water for three days in a row, and let them sit in the back of the veg tray for about seven weeks. At least once a day, the thought occurred to me to move on with this strain. I almost threw those ugly single-bladed, freaky-looking little bastards out so many times.

I started cloning from the plants in the eighth week, and the clones all busted roots within ten days. I then decided to throw some regenerated Afghani Bullrider moms in the budroom to see what they would look like, and 35 days later I cut one down. The rest fell on day 40, completely ready for harvest. They were the fastest and tastiest buds I?ve ever had. The Afghani Bullrider proceeded to be unbelievably quick, thick, and smelly!

I let some of the next batch of Afghani Bullrider bud for 50 days, and they shot out a few male banana-shaped flowers. Following Soma?s method, I placed some of the yellow talcum-like powder from these bananas on the lower buds of the clones, which were now in their second week of budding. These lower bud sites then created seeds, while the rest of the plant and the room produced pure Sensimilla.

When I relocated to Canada, I left my buddy in California with a large stash of cured buds for being such a wonderful friend. About ten months later he informed me ? almost sadly ? that he was finally at the end of his smoking journey through the Afghani Bullrider. But luckily, without my asking, he thoughtfully saved in a package.

As soon as I got the seeds, I put ten into a zip-lock baggie on top of a wet paper towel folded twice. I got only three males, and kept all six girls. When planted, they shot up to a full meter tall, and some of the fan leaves were 13 inches long and 13 inches wide! The colas on each one weighed over an ounce when dry, and all the buds were tight and dense with crystal.

I turned the six Afghani Bullrider pots one-quarter rotation each day for even light distribution. They got fed organic Earth Juice, supplemented with Bottanicare?s Pure Blend Pro hydroorganic grow and bloom formulas. I augmented my reverse-osmosis filteredwater with Cal-Mag Plus, because reverseosmosis water is so pure that without supplements, it will leach nutrients out of your plants.

I alternated this water with fertilization 2 to 1: water, water, feed ? leach every four weeks. I like to see what plants will do with the absolute minimal amount of nutrients and have them impress me with their flavor, stone or yield before I try any additives or additional fertilization tek-niques.

This was a traditional 8-week project, but as I review about a thousand high-resolution pictures, I still can?t believe how quickly the whole process went, and how fat the plants all got. The scent is almost acrid, and spicysweet like exotic, foreign food. The taste and the potencyare apparent in the hash-like burn that you feel when you inhale the smoke through your nose. This Bullrider joint I?m smoking right now is down to a tiny roach, burning my fingers ? and I will toke it again, and again, just for the intoxicating and resinous flavour. Nothing tastes quite so satisfying to me, and I don?t think I?ll get tired of it any time soon!

Peace, Love, and Tekness!