Weedy Whistler

Well, today I?m going to give you guys all some pointers on having fun while up in Whistler, near Vancouver, BC.

When visiting Vancouver, there are many options for fun surrounding our fair city, from Vancouver Island which offers whale watching, surfing, hiking majestic forests, and more, to the surrounding islands in the Georgia Strait, which gives a quainter, country feel to any visit. You can also head north of Vancouver, and up to world famous Whistler ski resort.

Now Whistler is a tricky place, because if you do things wrong, you can have a terrible time, but if you do things right, you can have the time of your life. It?s not really your typical resort town in that sense; however they do have things you
would want to keep an eye out for.

Puffing herb in Whistler is a standard for most of the regulars that live there. The smell of herb can be found in distant mountain ranges, to the front entrance to the local 7-11.

Whistler is located approximately 1.5 hours from downtown Vancouver. Taking the number 1 Highway, to the end, you will hit the 99 Sea to Sky Highway. Now, this is one of the most dangerous highways in North America, and the amount of traffic fatalities is disturbing. So please be extremely careful when you drive this highway! If you have never driven it before, it?s definitely a good idea to do your puffi ng while stopped.

Also, I want to mention; not to scare anyone, but to inform: the West Vancouver police do roadblocks on the way up to Whistler on Fridays and Saturdays, and every other Thursday. This is mainly due to the terrible dangers of the highway combined with drunk drivers. This isn?t a worry; they will not harass you as long as your herb is sealed well and you?re not smoking or drinking. Another quick mention of roadblocks is that you will also see them into Whistler Village.

A wonderful area for biking or hiking is Cheakamus trail located south of Whistler. When coming from Whistler, you take a left into the Cheakamus trail. We drove up and found a spot that was literally waiting for us to come puff it down! With a tiny little bridge over a nice running creek in the middle of the forest, we sat down and got ready for session number 2 of the day. Puffing down tuff on the bubblehash ? or on any enjoyable cannabis product ? is only made better when done in symbiosis with nature. A true calling to the plant, one feels a different energy while puffing in these remote mountain spots, compared to at a rock concert or a day out at the park with friends. My traveling companion and I agree: puffing in nature is where it?s at!

Our next stop was Alta Lake for kayaking, which is located just south of Whistler at the Wayside Park. This has no big sign, just a simple road sign you need to look for. We had also planned on making a mountain bike trip up in the gondola (known to many as the Ganjola) but the number of downhill bikers up there was incredible. There must have been two hundred people on bikes in line to get on.

I also wanted to add that when traveling to Whistler, the hotels can be fairly expensive, but one can circumvent this by either staying in Pemberton, or just past Pemberton, or simply making a day trip of it all. If one leaves Vancouver early enough, you could easily have a good solid ten hours or more up in the resort and mountains.

In regards to herb in Whistler, one can find it fairly easily depending on where you look. If you don?t want to be left hanging, acquire your cannabis or hash in Vancouver before you go up to Whistler. And if you see some tall guy in a BubbleBag shirt, well, come on over and ask him to fill a bowl. It will most likely be me and I will gladly share some of my full-melt bubble with you! If anyone has further questions in regards to Whistler or other BC pot – friendly spots, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. And make sure you plan your trip to Vancouver and Whistler soon ? once the 2010 Olympics are here, it will be a different kind of place, and you might want to enjoy the serenity of silence and natural beauty before the rest of world falls in love with BC.