Mega grow room

The excitement I get when entering a grow room is always that of minor paranoia, mixed with intense excitement. I say this mainly because the rooms I find myself in these days are much larger than your standard closet or basement set up. The room I am referring to in this article will go down in the history of sweetest grows I’ve ever visited.
The grower himself wishes to be anonymous at this time, so I will do my best to give you a download on what he’s done with his place, and some tricks that have helped him reach his goals.

With 35-plus years experience, he is certainly no slouch in the growing department. This grow is 100% organic; even the pest control is done by predator bugs. No spraying is done on this crop, as it will end up for sale at the local compassion club. The grow rooms are set up into three stages. The bottom floor has 23 lights, the top floor has 16, and a third room ? which has 18-foot ceilings ? is where the plants are grown right in the ground. I call this The Sativa Room.

This is where his magical soil mix can be found. With the right amount of worm, guano, soil, perlite, etcetera, he can give the plants what they really want when they want it. And these plants, at nearly 5 weeks of flowering, show it. Some old school Skunk No. 1 grows quite hairy in the back of the crop; a BC Hash plant fills the air with its deep dark leaf, almost reminiscent of a hydro grow.

A series of filters control the smells going outside, which is an extremely important precaution that growers should take seriously.

This is one of the main ways grow ops are discovered. My friend tells me that even his filter boxes are custom made, creating a vacuum of sorts to pull the air through the entire filter, rather than merely allowing the air to flow over the top end of the filter.

The whole place has 49 lights burning throughout, and is obsessively kept up. The entire show runs on a 100-kilowatt generator that has its own soundproof room. The lights themselves move slowly on a track he designed based on green house systems.

The tables are on rollers too, which is also a green house inspiration, and in my opinion, ingenious. This allows for one single row to be placed anywhere you want in the room. By eliminating rows between each table, my friend saves himself nearly one-fifth the space.

The tables are laid down on pipes, which allows them to move easily even with hundreds of fully watered potted plants sitting on top. These rooms have a combined total of over 1800 plants!

By the time you read this, this crop will have been smoked ? but not before my friend hangs the entire crop for 12 full days to dry, does the trimming, and then finally curing. Most would fall over at the thought of this, but I can attest: there is something to be said for his method! His buds are cured to near-perfection, whether one is burning a joint or filling a vaporizer.

The amount of work that goes into a place like this is unfathomable, and the people who do this type of work should be looked upon as saviors of the community.

I mean, it’s clear the people in Flin Flon, Manitoba are not doing the job they were hired to do (grow medicinal marijuana for Canadian med-pot exemptees) so others have to pick up the slack. I am quite sure that if someone like my friend handled a project like Flin Flon, things would change in a hurry! And medicine would be accessible for those who need it, instead of only those who are savvy enough to fill out the right paperwork.

I will end this story with a wonderful vapor bag filled with the Krush ? which, by the way, I want to mention might be just one of the incredible strains entered into this year’s Cannabis Culture Tokers Bowl.

So make sure you come to the incredible 4-day weed party, and share a bag of vapor, or a roor hit of some full melt bubble hash! I look forward to seeing you all there.

Give thanks!



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