War Games

All Hail King Bush!All Hail King Bush!Here’s how they play high school football in Texas: hurdle the weak, noose-tackle the ball carrier, trample the dead.
You want a war, these Texans will give you a war. A real war. You know ? the kind with blood, sirens, torture prisons, people screaming in agony.

A real war with no respect for borders, human rights, the realities of flesh and blood.

Team Bush plays to win, and Team America is the world’s police. And American police are guys who shoot first and get put on paid leave later. They call America “Taser Nation.”

If only the people in Iraq had been able to read the Cannabis Culture website, they’d have known what was coming. They should have gotten out before the American soldiers came in.

The drug war was a test war for other US wars, minus the depleted uranium weapons, of course. Civilian casualties. Wrong-address raids. Journalists shot. Martial law. Suspension of human rights. Occupying armies. Secret searches. Informants. Crying children. Thousands of innocents imprisoned on false charges. Property confiscated. Ecocide. Homicide. Bullies with bullets.

Is this Iraq we’re talking about, or Humboldt County, California?


Team Bush plays to win and they don’t apologize for anything. They know how to steal an election fair and square. Two elections, as a matter of fact.

Al Gore fell on a knife in 2000. John Kerry fell on his own tongue four years later. It’s not hard to beat people who beat themselves. Other than a few courageous Democrats like Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich, John Conyers and Russ Feingold, the Democratic Party is a washed-up joke.

But they just take their cues from the citizens, and most American people couldn?t be bothered to protest those stolen elections.

Fighting in the name of ChristFighting in the name of ChristThe selected-not-elected president has now installed a yes man as head of the Supreme Court. A few weeks before Bush gave John Roberts the job of Chief Justice, he was interviewing him for a position on the Court at the same time that Roberts was serving on a three-judge panel that was deciding a lawsuit about whether Bush can kidnap people from anywhere in the world and hold them anywhere indefinitely, without having rights to an attorney or contact with their families or a fair trial or to know why they are being held.

Roberts cast the deciding vote in favor of Bush in that prisoner’s rights lawsuit case, giving Bush the imprisonment powers of a medieval king ? at the same time Bush was nominating Roberts for the Supreme Court.

If this was an ethical planet, they’d call that a “conflict of interest.”

Instead, they call it business as usual.

It’s all good, say the Bushie businessmen who also happen to be irate ideologues. They are in it for money, for power, and for Jesus.

New Orleans was a sweet venue for their latest scheme, which is called “disaster capitalism.” Build a city in the wrong place where it is almost certain to be destroyed sooner or later. “Forget” to fix the levees. When the levees break, give fat, no-bid contracts to the president’s friends in the disaster repair industry and make sure that the government’s FEMA website tells compassionate Americans to contribute to hurricane victims by giving money to Reverend Pat Robertson’s charity organization.

Robertson is the Christian preacher-politician and close friend of Bush who earlier this year called for the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez after Chavez kicked the DEA out of Venezuela for “allegedly” being spies who were attempting to assist another CIA coup attempt there.

After the hurricane, Chavez and Cuban president Fidel Castro offered hundreds of doctors, many gallons of water, lots of medical supplies and even cheap petroleum to the US, but the aid was turned down as people died in the Louisiana sun. Better to let them perish than to accept assistance from Communists!

Barely alive but bringing in the bucks!Barely alive but bringing in the bucks!Bush suspended all environmental and minimum wage laws in the hurricane zone while his boy Cheney and other corporate donors signed fat multi-billion dollar contracts that give taxpayer money to Republican corporations so they can rebuild New Orleans in time for the next hurricane to hit and create another job program for Republican corporations that rebuild places after hurricanes hit them.

The DEA and US military, assisted by Blackwater mercenaries and off-duty members of the Israeli Defense Forces, helped the capitalist speculators and land rapers move quickly into New Orleans and steal entire neighborhoods from their former, mostly-black, residents.

Now, wealthy white developers will build upscale condos and mansions with FEMA money. Those new buildings will one day be flooded and blown away by a Category Five hurricane. The White House will deny that the hurricane’s intensity had anything to do with the fact that the Gulf of Mexico is several degrees warmer than it should be. After the hurricane, billions in taxpayer money will be given to Republican corporations so they can rebuild again, and again.

It’s the same story in Iraq. Invade and trash the country using equipment and bombs made by Republican corporations. Then give rebuilding contracts to the Vice President’s former corporation and other Republican corporations.

The president has a cute smile on his face as he watches his poll numbers sink. What does he care about poll numbers? He’s king. Let them eat cake. Trying to regain some respect, he orders the DEA to go extra hard on outdoor marijuana plantations across America. He orders the DEA to investigate the entire county of Australia, and then to release a report saying that Nimbin and other places in Australia are home to massive outdoor marijuana plantations and that the DEA has to go in there and help the Aussies get rid of these goddamned plants. He and his buddies in Congress respond to the disasters by upping spending for training a fleet of hundreds of pot-sniffing pit bulls for use by federal and local law enforcement.

Bush showed how sorry he was for making the mistake of invading Iraq, for staying on vacation while people drowned in New Orleans ? by nominating his personal attorney to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.

This lovely Supreme nominee is a born-again Texas lady and long-time Bush lover who is also a leader in a Texas mega-church that is one of thousands of zealot churches in America that preaches a doctrine called Dominionism. The doctrine says that killing people in the name of Christ is blessed, that American should be a Christian theocracy, that abortion is worse than war, that churches are free market service providers that should be financed by the government, and that Jesus if He was here today would be armed and ready to rumble.

Harriet Miers and her good pal BushHarriet Miers and her good pal BushThe lovely Texas lady who will soon be on the Supreme Court believes that human life begins when a sperm hits an egg and therefore that almost any form of contraceptive or abortion is murder.

She also believes that homosexuals and dope smokers are servants of Satan’s kingdom. Her future boss, Chief Justice John Roberts, is a hardline drug warrior who as a judge has always ruled in favor of giving kingly powers to police and presidents. He loves the police and dislikes defendants.

Texas football is known for the sound of 16-year-old heads butting each other and necks cracking. Known for lots of life-changing injuries such as paralysis, comas, unconscious afternoons on the sidelines, brain bleeding, broken limbs.

It’s scientifically provable that Texas football is far worse for Texas teenagers than Texas marijuana. But it builds character to be carried off a football field while ten thousand people scream bloody murder and God loves you. It prepares you for the national experiment in violence and brutality that is so typical of Team USA.

The Bushies have cranked up the White House Office of National Drug Control’s propaganda campaign against marijuana at the same time that it has ordered the military to more aggressively solicit high school students and dropouts to join the military. They care about kids’ lungs. They care about their memories. It breaks their hearts to think of kids using pot. What if those potty kids are hurting their throats or becoming euphoric and forgetful?

They promise kids the moon to get them to join the military. Free college, free childcare, free travel, free uniforms, free weapons training. Ok, so most US soldiers in Iraq have had to pay for body armor with their own money, but so what, do you expect the military to be prepared for every little eventuality? Do you expect the military to have enough equipment, or to care about its employees? Did you expect the Department of Homeland Security to be prepared for the hurricane disaster just because it has been given a $50 billion a year budget so that it could be prepared for a hurricane disaster?

So look, if those kids go fight in Iraq and get killed or maimed, isn’t that better than if they had stayed home, smoked pot, gone to Bob Dylan concerts, danced at raves, gone to college, earned degrees in Irish Mythology and other liberal topics?

When those kids come home dead or crippled from Iraq, their proud parents can go to pro-war rallies to counter the pacifistic rantings of that radical anti-war lady Cindy Sheehan, who explains that her beloved son Casey, an altar boy before he was killed as a solider in Iraq, had seen the military break most of the promises the recruiter made to him to induce him to join up.

Cindy led 100,000 people in a massive anti-war march in Washington, DC in September, but few people in America know that the march happened because the major networks “forgot” to report it.

And they say they want to HELP the children?And they say they want to HELP the children?People profess to be shocked that the US is kidnapping people, violating the rights of foreign citizens, waging illegal wars. Ha hah ? the USA has long been extending its DEA fist into Latin America, Afghanistan, and other countries, smashing people it accuses of being involved in the drug trade.

With its July expedition to Canada, using Canadian police to execute a slow-kill order on Canadian pot seed seller Marc Emery, the USA was merely extending north what it had long practiced in Mexico, where US agents have an open history of kidnapping and even killing people suspected of “drug crimes.”

But this Mr. Emery fellow is a clever lad. He looks so damned innocent and harmless. Other DEA-designated “drug kingpins” wear gold chains, have sinister goatees, and carry guns, but Emery has been described in the newspapers as “thin and bookish.” He has never carried a gun. What kind of kingpin is this bookish, thin guy?

The big problem is, he isn’t scared enough of whatever the USA can do to him. Sure, he would like to not go to prison. Presumably he likes his freedom. He doesn?t want to be extradited to the USA to face a jury of lugheads. In a USA prison, he won?t be able to smoke BC bud in his three-foot bong.

But even with severe drug charges on him, he won?t shut up or apologize, and he looks like he actually enjoys having been busted so he can gleefully tell the drug warriors that they are fascist Nazis from hell and that he is not ashamed of selling pot seeds. He?s becoming a star, courtesy of the DEA.

Emery has stated that even if the drug war kills him, he’s going to keep telling everyone that selling marijuana seeds to willing American buyers was just fine with him, and apparently with the Canadian government too.

Emery is saying that American drug agents and federal prosecutors should go after real criminals. Maybe go after those gorgeous wiseguys in the White House, those holy warriors who think the world is a Texas high school football field, and that the best way to honor Christ is by breaking people’s necks.