Bonsai buds

Most plants are my own all female cross of NL5Haze/Sweet Tooth by way of Adventure Mix.
The method I used was to select four very good females from several packs of Adventure Mix [Spice of Life Seeds] Awesome plants. When I cropped them at about eight weeks I left a small bud on each of them which was then flowered on for a further four weeks. This caused each bud to produce its own male flowers at about week ten/eleven. I collected all the pollen I could for about two weeks which wasn’t a lot at all.

I figured that these plants weren’t naturally hermaphroditic as they were well past ready when the first males appeared and so would be good to breed with.

With this pollen I fertilized my favorite NL5Haze [Sensi Seeds] which was a ten/twelve week flowerer.

I got about 300 seeds of good quality which is all I have been using as they perform impeccably, All Female, No hermaphrodite problems and finished by Ten. Fat Fruity and very trippy.