What you can buy to help the BC3

Kaara in her shirt-made-dress!Kaara in her shirt-made-dress! One-of-a-kind gourd bong!Do you want to help out, but can’t just “give away” your money?
If you’re wondering how you can help beyond donating, or making phone calls, or writing to your MP and Justice Minister Irwin Cotler (which we still encourage everyone to do!) then you might be interested in a few fundraising products we have available!

No Extradition T-shirts

First, we have the “No Extradition” t-shirts. These are a big hit, and they sell extremely fast! Based on the same logo used for Marc Emery’s incarceration in Saskatoon last year, the new version has a powerful raised-fist image and the names of the “BC Three” in bold text.

All of the money raised from the sale of these shirts go to the legal defence fund. You can buy them from the BCMP Bookstore at 307 West Hastings st. in Vancouver, or you can order them online at the CC Store.

While you’re there, be sure to check out all of the other cool stuff you can buy to support Cannabis Culture magazine and our mission to educate the masses about marijuana!

A perfect way to show your pride!A perfect way to show your pride!Legalize Wristbands

If you’re looking for a less obvious way to show your support, not only for the BC Three, but for the legalization of marijuana, you’ll love the Legalize Wristbands! Made of soft, flexible rubber, these bands feature the word “Legalize” and two cannabis leaves.

The BCMP Bookstore has some available, and all proceeds go to the legal defence fund. If you buy them online, make a note that you’re supporting the BC Three, and proceeds will be directed to the legal defence fund. Heather B has been very generous in supplying us with these bands, and many of the well-known activists in Vancouver wear theirs with pride every day!

One-of-a-kind gourd bong!One-of-a-kind gourd bong!Gourd Bongs and Art

Another supporter of our plight is Steve at Unconventional Art, and he made the beautiful gourd bong we raffled at the Vancouver September 10th rally. People have been asking him about aquiring their own gourd bong with the same logo, and he would like to be able to support the BC Three by creating and selling more. (Of course, each piece is one-of-a-kind, so no two will be alike!)

When you go to his website, check out the “Very Unconventional Art” section, and you’ll find information about his unique and functional product. If you request a product to support the BC Three, proceeds will go to the legal defence fund. You won’t be disappointed with his amazing pieces of work!

His new gourd bongs for fundraising are featured here. You won’t find these anywhere else!

Hemp Plastics

You’ll want to get in on this company’s product quickly! Hemp plastic will be a hugely valuable material in the future, as oil and traditional plastic start to decrease in supply. Hemp Plastics, an advertiser with Cannabis Culture, has generously offered to donate proceeds from sales to the defence fund for the BC Three. All you have to do is click the following link, and your purchases at Hemp Plastics will contribute to the legal fees! Plus, you’re helping generate more research and development into hemp plastic, which is earth-friendly and beneficial for all of us.

(If no banner appears, use this link.)

The BC Marijuana Party

At the BC Marijuana Party website you’ll find Pay Pal links. We desperately need your support through donating! Our lawyers are paid with these contributions. The gifts listed are not applicble at this time, as we cannot afford to send out product without taking in revenue. Donations are extremely valuable, as they allow us to sell what we have, instead of sending product out as gifts. One-of-a-kind gourd bong!

Thank you!

We rely on our cannabis community to see us through this legal challenge. With your support, we can have marijuana prohibition overturned in Canada, and that can set an example for the rest of the world. The situation involving the BC Three has great potential to change the laws as they stand now. Canada needs to hear from its people that we refuse to become the 51st state of the USA. We will not import their illegal and unjust Drug War. We cannot allow our Canadian citizens to suffer the disgusting US penalties ? horrible laws and punishments that trap and destroy American people and families every day.

We have to fight together to end the War on Drugs, and by supporting the BC Three, you are contributing to the most important legal challenge the cannabis community has seen. With a chance to prove once and for all that marijuana should not be illegal and the American penalties are unjust (for anyone), there is no reason why you can’t help out today!

And if you’d like to hand out information flyers and gather signatures for US, Canadian, or International petitons, please email Jodie and ask for a package to be sent your way. You can also ask for the PDF files of the petitions and the information flyer. Through passing these out, and leaving them at various locations, many people will be educated about the BC Three and the destructive DEA.

For more information on donating, please see this page. Every little bit helps!