Cannabis Culture News Roundup – September 18th 2005

Marc Emery speaks in Vancouver on September 10thMarc Emery speaks in Vancouver on September 10thA look at some of the recent and current events in the cannabis community.
On Friday in the Supreme Court in Vancouver, BC, Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm granted Marc Emery permission to travel to Montreal for the world premiere of Escape to Canada. The documentary is showing at the Montreal New Film Fest on September 19th at 4:20 pm, and Emery plays a prominent role in the film. Justice Dohm also gave Emery permission to make an appearance at the Calgary premiere at the end of September.

Emery was invited by the director of Escape to Canada, Albert Nerenberg. The costs of the flight were generously covered by the makers of the film. Emery will be meeting with friends and supporters in Montreal, and will be speaking about his pending extradition.

Flight arrangements had to be adjusted to avoid flying over American airspace, as there are concerns that the American authorities might bring down the aircraft to remove and arrest Emery. “If they did it to Cat Stevens, there’s no doubt they’d do the same for me”, Emery said.

Marc Emery left the Vancouver airport on Sunday morning, and will return home on Tuesday evening. (Read more about the premiere of Escape to Canada here.)

Canadians decry the DEA involvement in CanadaCannabis Culture issue 57 has finally arrived at the CC office. The subscriber copies were packaged and mailed out by Marc Emery and Jodie Giesz-Ramsay during the week, with extradition information flyers inserted inside every copy. Shipments to hemp stores should be arriving in the upcoming days.

The magazine was being printed at the exact same time as the raid on the BC Marijuana Party bookstore on July 29th. Because of the bail conditions and legal implications of having the Emery Direct seed catalogue, the magazine had to be held while decisions were made about how to get the 70,000 copies released. It was finally decided that stickers could be put on the first page of every catalogue, and it took two weeks to get the “Warning!” stickers inside the magazines.

After weeks of waiting, Cannabis Culture fans can look forward to receiving their subscriptions in the mail, or picking up their copy at hemp stores. Major distributor chains should have the magazine available in the coming weeks.

It has come to the attention of CC that many subscribers did not receive their copy of Cannabis Culture issue 56. If you are a subscriber and have yet to get your copy, please email us with your information, so we can have it sent to you immediately.

If you are not yet a subscriber, please find out how to get Cannabis Culture delivered to your door here.

The World-Wide Protests on September 10th through the 17th were a success. The largest rally was held on September 17th in Saskatoon, with the help of long-time Cannabis Culture past editor Dana Larsen. About 400-500 people showed up in Vimy Memorial Park, and were treated with a message delivered by Emery via telephone and a sound system. Larsen has spent a lot of time working with the activists in Saskatoon, especially during Marc Emery?s 62-day sentence in Saskatoon Correctional where he was sentenced for passing a joint in March earlier that year.

Canadians decry the DEA involvement in CanadaCanadians decry the DEA involvement in CanadaIn Brussels, Belgium on September 13th, The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies made an appearance in the European Parliament. They handed a large bag of cannabis seeds to the 730 European MPs, and delivered an appeal to their representatives, to ask Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler to refuse the extradition of Emery, Michelle Rainey, and Gregory Williams to the United States. (Read the ENCOD statement here.)

In Vancouver on September 10th, a major rally was held outside the U.S. Consulate. Marc Emery, Gregory Williams, Dana Larsen, BCMP Campaign Manager Kirk Tousaw (who is also on the legal team for Emery, Rainey, and Williams), Pot-TV manager Chris Bennett, his wife Renee Boje, and activist David Malmo-Levine delivered speeches and entertained the large crowd of enthusiastic supporters. The Canadian media covered the event, and were witness to a show of solidarity. Hundreds of people waved flags and held large signs and banners, listening to the powerful messages delivered by the speakers. (View Pot-TV video of the event here and here. We have a new look for the Pot-TV news, which has been possible with the help of a generous supporter and fan.)

Demonstrations were held in at least 30 cities, and even on short notice and with little financial or organizational backing, most went very well. There are some photos from various locations hosted here, with discussion in the Emery Extradition forum located here.
Canadians decry the DEA involvement in Canada