Hempfest 2005

Get your tickets today to Hempfest 2005: The 7 Leaf Reunion Bash – August 25, 26, 27, & 28 in Northern Ontario, just outside Sault Ste Marie, Canada’s Premier Cannabis Community
Hempfest 2005 Tickets are now available. We expierenced a little bit of a delay with them but they are hot off the press. Tickets are $30.00 in advance or $40 at the gate. There is a $5 shipping and handling fee on all tickets orders. You can order and pay online with VISA or MASTERCARD at www.planetarypride.com/cat5_1.htm If you wish to call in your order you can do so by calling 1-888-215-8970 between thye hours of 10 AM and 6 PM EST. Or you can mail your payment Payable to Planetary Pride too Planetary Pride, 246 Queen St East, Sault Ste Marie, Ont, P6A 1Y7

If you are still undecided if you will make the journey this year let us give you some encouragement, we are expecting our Cannabis Community to grow to 2,000 Hempfest Citizens this year that will cohabitate with one another for FOUR DAYS. There will be people from all corners of North America here and the best Cannabis one can ever smoke. We will have demonstrations on Making Bubble Hash, the VOLCANO the #1 Vaporizer in the world, and many other great inventions. Bring some buds and test it out. Puff Mama will be here with her tasty goodies and an awsome Comedy Show Fire Dancers, Glass Blowers, Hemp Ice Cream and the best people you can ever hang with for a weekend.

And don’t forget about the contests:

JUNK YARD BONGS – Make the best homemade smoking device and then compete against other home bong enthusiasts to see who is the King of the Junk Yard. 2 Catagories: Most Original and Modified

ROLLING CONTEST – Roll Roll Roll them joints, and roll them nice and fine. Light them up and they must burn to blow the judges minds.

BIG BUD COMPETITION – Get them buds growing cause we want to see some BIG BUDS this year.

1 GRAM SPRINT – Fill that bowl and smoke it FAST

Puff Mama presents … The Wayward Comedy Show! Boisterous, direction-less, almost delinquent. This traveling comedy show, with host Dave Martin, is gonna light up your life! 15 comedians and crew, are coming all the way from Toronto to Hempfest for the 7 Leaf Reunion. They’ll be doing their famous comedy show right in the open air! They’ve put together a great set with Toronto’s cream of the crop – who wouldn’t have come to any other type of festival! They’re going to set up in the bush, with tarps, hammocks, bean bag chairs… and Puff Mama’s special baking on the side! For more information about The Wayward Comedy Show, go to her website at www.puffmama.ca and click on events.

Plus over 20 Live Bands, Guest Speakers, Awesome People, Great Times and one memorable weekend that you won’t soon forget, just ask those who have been making the trek to Hempfest for the past number of years and coming back every year, year after year and bringing their friends and relatives because we simply put on one of the best Cannabis Festival in North America.

See you this summer !!

August 25, 26, 27, 28
Northern Ontario
Sault Ste Marie
Come join with others at the Greatest Cannabis Community in the world this summer.

Mailing Address
Hempfest 2005
C/O Planetary Pride
246 Queen Street East
Sault Ste Marie, Ont
P6A 1Y7