Seattle Hempfest 2005, the Year of Education

Vote Freedom!Seattle Hempfest 2005
Saturday and Sunday
August 20 & 21 – 10AM to 8PM
Myrtle Edwards Park, Pier 70

The 2004 Seattle Hempfest proved that the gentle giant of pot rallies has the staying power to see marijuana and hemp legal to produce, use and safely medicate within our lifetime.

Pounded by rain intermittently, Hempfest went on to see the largest crowd ever at 7pm on the Mainstage when headline act KottonMouthKings took over. The team spirit and community vibe of our staff shone through the cloudy, rainy weather and our biggest regret is that some performers did not get to participate due to the volume of water. We are truly sorry.

We are already hard at work preparing for Seattle Hempfest 2005, and although we have seen many victories locally, such as I-692, Washington State’s Medical Marijuana Law and I-75, Seattle’s Municipal Lowest Priority Law, there is still much work to be done. We need to increase the outreach and education to the eastern part of the state, and continue to streamline Hempfest to keep it fiscally strong and educationally dynamic.

One new addition we hope to include soon is marijuana abuse prevention education. While we feel adults should have the right to responsibly use marijuana, we understand that some people may abuse it. Even though that number may put those people in the vast minority, they are still important to us, and we feel an obligation and a responsibility to address the issue of pot abuse. We are not going soft, we are refining our designation as the largest and most socially responsible pot rally anywhere.

As our core group continues to grow, we are always looking for meeting space that is wheelchair accessible, can accommodate 80-100 people, is reasonably centrally located in Seattle and has some form of parking available. We meet one weekday per month.

We are actively seeking serious people to fill positions at Hempfest. If you would like to get involved click the volunteer button above. We are specifically looking for additional ASL interpreters, people with experience in corporate sponsorship, fundraising, recruitment or media work. And, of course, your financial contribution is the most immediate way to support Hempfest as we fight for your right to choose.

With your help we will most certainly win. Freedom always wins out in America. It just takes the grit and determination of enough Americans to stand up and make it happen, it is a pattern that ultimately is victorious every time.

If you think you have a space that would work, you can contribute in that way by contacting us at [email protected], make the subject title “meeting space.”

More info can be found at