Information for customers of Emery Seeds

Marc Emery’s seed company was raided Friday, July 29, by Canadian agents acting under orders from the DEA.
The raids were a DEA operation; it is the US government that is laying charges against Emery and two co-defendants, who were all arrested.

If there ever is a trial related to these charges, the American drug warriors want it held in America.

US officials claim the investigation that led to the raid and arrests involved 50 DEA offices in many US states, especially Indiana, Florida, California, Tennessee, Montana, Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey and North Dakota.

Emery Seeds representatives say they always totally destroyed all customer records as soon as orders were filled. All efforts to ensure safety were in place. However, in today’s world where governments can intrude on even the most private behaviors, there is no total safety for people who want to grow plants.

Enemies of Emery, including some of his business competitors in the marijuana seed sales industry, are spreading information designed to frighten his customers into believing that they could be raided if they ordered seeds from Emery since the beginning of 2004, when DEA says the investigation into his seed sales began.

It’s hard to tell how reliable these reports are. The DEA itself has been known to lie, and it might surprise people to know that the seed business is seedy, with lots of backstabbing that has often involved sleazy spammers placing false negative postings on the Internet about Marc Emery in order to harm his business and activism.

Start preserving your genetics...Start preserving your genetics…On the other hand, honest warnings are in order. As ethical people who care about freedom and due diligence, Emery’s reps would be remiss not to warn people who have ordered from Emery during the past two years should consider that they might be a target of police investigations, especially if they are involved in large-scale commercial cultivation.

If you are breaking the law, the police might be onto you, regardless of whether you ordered seeds from Emery, or from his competitors such as Gypsy Nirvana (Seeds Direct), Heaven’s Stairway, etc.

If you grow plants that look like cannabis anywhere in the US and other parts of the world where cannabis is illegal, the police might be onto you, whether or not you ever ordered seeds from anyone.

“I’d guess that anybody who advertises cannabis seeds on the Internet or in a magazine, and their customers, could be a DEA target, whether they are located in Canada, England, Holland, wherever,” explains an American grower. “If you buy pot seeds from anybody who has a pot seed internet site, you take a risk. It isn’t just people who bought from Emery.”

Why go after something so wonderful?Why go after something so wonderful?If you have plants growing, and if you think you are breaking the law, you have to decide for yourself if you are at risk, and what you want to do about that risk.

There are many ways to determine if you are under surveillance and at risk of an imminent raid. People who have been busted often say that they had an intuition that they were going to be raided, but they loved their plants so much, that they decided to roll the dice. They rolled, and came up with a losing gamble. They got raided, and regretted for the rest of their life that they had not been better safe than sorry, and shut down their garden before it was too late.

If you have a garden and you shut it down and you don’t get raided, what have you lost? Plants. What are you left with? Freedom.

Why go after something so wonderful?If you have a garden and you should shut it down but you don’t, and you get raided, what do you have?

The answer is obvious.

During the press conference about the Emery bust, the DEA and their federal prosecutor allies said they wanted to shut down large grow operations and “trafficking.”

If you’re a small-time legal medical grower in a state that has legalized medpot, are you 100% safe? Probably a lot safer than somebody who has 40,000 watts worth of lights in the Midwest.

Maybe you ordered seeds and planted them outdoors far away from where you live, and you’re absolutely sure nobody is following you every time you go walking in the woods with a water bag on your back. Perhaps you’re thinking of running outside to the forest and killing all those plants, or just letting them grow on their own and never visiting them again.

Every grower has to decide what level of revolution they want to partake of, how much risk, how much they’re prepared to gain and lose, how much worry, stress and pressure they can take.

Emery was always blunt about it. He knew he could be arrested at any moment. He said that people who grew plants were “overgrowing the government.” If you try to “overgrow,” or even “overthrow” a government, even if you do it peacefully (how much more peaceful a revolution than one that consists solely of growing plants?), you might get hurt. Everybody should have known that, right?

Only you can decide how much hurt you can handle. If you have a family, lovers, children or others who can be hurt by your choices, you have to be extremely ethical in your calculations of risk, reward, and penalties.

After hearing of Marc Emery being arrested, a grower wrote to tell us that he was harvesting his Northern Lights crop one week early, selling it fast, and sending all the money to pay for Marc’s legal fight to defeat the US extradition order.

This was a big crop, folks, and the grower was going to donate all but a few hundred dollars of the proceeds that had been counted on to pay for car repairs, medical bills, and a short vacation.

That’s how some good people have reacted to the most devastating attack on marijuana culture in history.

Finish your crop early if you ordered seeds after June, 2005Finish your crop early if you ordered seeds after June, 2005Others have reacted by applauding the arrest. There are some marijuana websites, such as, where people who claim to be marijuana users celebrate Emery’s demise. Funny that these so-called potheads say the same things about Emery that DEA agents have said. Some of them might be DEA agents. When people are on internet sites using fake names, they can be or say anything they want.

The bottom line is, if you are involved in revolutionary plant growing, you are at risk. Deal with it.

In regards to growing marijuana from a variety of seeds available from worldwide retailers, it is illegal for everyone involved.

If the DEA wants to shut down ALL marijuana seed retailers in the world, and screw a lot of growers, for sure they can do so. They have the power, they have the intent, and they have the guns.

It is very likely that the DEA, in alliance with the worldwide police state, is monitoring every website related to freedom, including cannabis seed websites. The US and Holland just entered into an anti-marijuana agreement. In the case of Marc Emery, the US ordered Canadian police to enforce American drug laws. If the American drug warriors can do all that, they can do anything, including ruining the ability of people to safely buy marijuana seeds from internet or in person retailers in the same manner they’d buy DVD’s. It was good while it lasted, eh? We’re not sure yet, but those days may be over.

And if they are over, you just have to go back to the way it was in 1970, long before Marc Emery created the worldwide marijuana seed industry.

How was it? Like this: people shared seeds, bred them, hid them, traded them.

Now is the time to keep some males around.Now is the time to keep some males around.Instead of killing your male plants, separate them from the females, gather their golden pollen, put it on a small, sterile paintbrush, put the pollen on the female flowers, and breed your own seeds.

Keep safe the genetics of all the herbs that our Creator has given us, and try not to let the drug warriors, the assholes who hate Marc Emery, or the evil governments scare you so much that you give up on being free.

That’s the best advice we can give you.
Now is the time to keep some males around.