Emery and Williams still in jail

Marc, speaking in Muncton last summerMarc, speaking in Muncton last summerAs of this writing on the morning of August 4, Marc Emery and his employee Greg Williams are beginning their seventh day of incarceration, and are still struggling to meet their bail requirements.
Many media outlets have reported that Emery’s bail had been set at $50,000, and Williams’ was set at $25,000, and that both were released yesterday. However, this is incorrect.

It is true that Emery’s bail was set at $50,000. However, of this, only $10,000 could be paid with a cash deposit, while the other $40,000 must be provided in the form of four $10,000 “surities” from homeowners, living in BC, who know Emery personally.

Williams’ bail conditions are the same, but the amounts are all halved to $5,000.

Most of Emery and Williams’ families do not live in BC. And anyone who has worked for any of Emery’s various legal operations is also barred from offering bail. So it has proven difficult to quickly arrange the people willing, able and available to provide themselves and the needed paperwork.

Once Emery and Williams are released, they will still have a number of other bail conditions imposed upon them. Of course they will not be allowed to sell marijuana seeds, nor to be involved with or communicate about pot seeds in any way at all. However, they will be allowed to return to the BC Marijuana Party store and Cannabis Culture office, and to continue selling books and bongs and publishing the magazine.

If you live in BC and think you could qualify to help Marc Emery and Greg Williams make bail, please call the BC Marijuana Bookshop at 604-684-2803.Marc, speaking in Muncton last summer